After effects of depoying graphics within a workspace environment

After effects of depoying graphics within a workspace environment

Dentsu office designed by NRM Interiors reflects astute clarity of materials, efficient design and a balanced synergy between creativity and function

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Dentsu office, located in Gurgaon, displays an attempt on behalf of the designers to go beyond the realm of interior design into interior architecture. This manifests itself in the masses, planes and volumes, which once emboldened by colours and textures create spaces that have a distinct tectonic quality. The brief was to set up a workspace with an open and interactive environment, one that would aptly reflect the vibrant work culture of the Tokyo-based advertising and public relations company.

The plan was a large square plate with the southeast end bound by a glazed façade. One would probably expect the office of a global company to have a certain clean and futuristic look, but the designers at NRM Interior thought of messing with this conventional pattern by conditioning a varying palette of materials and finishes.

Cabins were designed to occupy the peripheral space, while the open office occupied the linear in-between zone. Though the formal organisation of the workspace follows a rigid geometry, experiments with varying material palette and eccentric compositions break away from a conventional office layout. 

Vibrant spaces for meeting and breakout zones with multiple overlooking volumes and offbeat themes and concepts are scattered around the workstations.  The fresh, modern fit out is seamlessly restructured to align with the raw industrial character of the office.

A sense of orientation and arrival speaks of frank aesthetics, with the reception table set against an exposed brick wall onto which spills the graphic of a tilted paint can that flows onto the IPC flooring. The design unfolds into various elements like cargo containers, graffiti, coloured glass, industrial lights, barrel furniture, walls graphics, etc. One of the conference rooms is wrapped with variegating colours of the word cloud, trussed ceiling and a slatted wood table; while the other harnesses the charm of wood in its ceiling and wall treatment.

Open discussion zones alienated from the main workstations are raised on a platform and embellished in custom designed furniture. While the open plan and workstation design has capitalised on abundant natural light, the transforming gradation of light that seep in is enhanced by apt artificial lighting suspended in between the exposed ducts. The employment of a textural palette heightens the material sensibility. Vivid spaces, cuboidal volumes, transparent walls and play of colours and textures embody the interior architecture of the office. Overall, it defines an informal culture that allows employees to engage and socialise in a setting apart from work and host clientele gatherings in a space, which interacts with them and the clients on an animated level.

The experience of movement through various spaces of the office establishes the design sensibilities of NRM Interiors by creating a unique identity for their clients and incorporating ambitions and imageries of the brand in their expressions. The depth of thought and the journey alone allows one to appreciate the effort and satisfaction that was put in to make a workplace to take inspiration from. It evolves as an exploration that investigates playfulness in form, colour and detail. Vibrant forms are used to present the company’s work culture. Perfectly offsetting an exploratory dialogue, the Dentsu office is an exemplary notion on how design can help employees connect to the sense of being one with their workspace.

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