Agastya Corporate Park by Piramal Realty

Agastya Corporate Park by Piramal Realty

Agastya Corporate Park by Piramal Realty composed a one-of-a-kind workspace district in India that provides spaces that are conducive to creativity, efficiency, leisure and fun – all in one go

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Designing and building a corporate complex that enables its stakeholders to create and reinforce their brand value and equity requires more than just a keen eye for aesthetics and prevailing trends. Making workspaces come alive enough to speak volumes of what ambitions are all about, requires a thorough understanding of evolving work culture, its values, goals, vision, employee dynamics and more. Piramal Realty’s Agastya Corporate Park is one such archetype that highlights the exemplary ideals of a modern workplace district. Sited in the heart of Mumbai’s commercial belt with a footprint of over 16.25 acres, it is the city’s largest non-IT commercial development.

Designed by Seattle-based Callison USA, the concept is based on the principle of ‘biophilia’, which seeks to connect human life and nature, integrates natural elements of light and ventilation to create a harmonious work environment that promotes well-being and efficiency within a progressive office campus with timeless architecture. The blend of articulated long elevations, aesthetic terracotta panels and glass is a conscious mix of modern and traditional elements to create a striking building façade and high-performance values.

Anand Piramal, executive director, Piramal Group
“Agastya Corporate Park is a representation of the future of Mumbai’s commercial real estate industry. A destination where organisations can thrive amidst the outdoors, Agastya Corporate Park is envisaged to become a workspace of the future. The commercial district is designed to enable companies, employees, and retailers to be part of a truly dynamic and collaborative environment.”

Aanand Piramal, Executive Director, Piramal Group

The double-glazed units with acoustic interlayer façade provide excellent thermal and noise insulation. Low-rise buildings framing a large central garden, provide the perfect interplay between work and nature. The recently completed phase one of the project comprises three independent buildings, connected by meticulously designed landscape, featuring premium multi-format office space, key retail and F&B offerings, plenty of green open spaces, and outdoor terraces for gatherings and events.

The commercial development addresses the commitment for creating energy efficient and comfortable indoor environment for its employees, derived from a well-established foundation of programme-driven design.
BuroHappold Engineering managed the structural & MEP design services, while Belt Collins Singapore assisted in planning and design. L&T India and Turner India worked together on the construction, while Lerch Bates oversaw vertical transportation.

Piramal Enterprises, a branch of the Piramal Group, also anchors its offices at Piramal Ananta in Agastya Corporate Park. The company aims to consolidate over 800 employees and their operations at the commercial hub.

The interiors of the PEL offices were organised around the concept of how we live culturally and how the whole village is organised around a large central square with a well for people to meet. There are also smaller street squares or nodes, where people of different age groups can interact with each other. These are opportunities for people to network and build relationships, which would lead to greater bonding among people and would help resolve bigger challenges of their daily life.

This metaphor has been captured on every floor, with a large central meeting space and smaller pantry areas scattered along the floor. The privilege of light and ventilation is given to all with meeting rooms distributed to the central core. Since people commute long distances to reach workplaces in Mumbai, enough resting spaces, shower rooms, crèche facilities and food provisions have been addressed at strategic locations. The facility is centrally air-conditioned to allow for energy efficiency and to create a more pleasant work atmosphere. Carefully integrated greenery, colours, art and graphics create a soulful modern workplace.

The creative design of the park, as a whole, has embodied a unique identity for its tenant companies too. It helps enhance the effectiveness of the workplace and also composes itself as a strong marketing and recruiting tool. Consistently resonating with the values of modern and efficient spaces through use of technological advancements and building systems, the project delineates as a modern, responsive and compelling structure.

Project Fact File:

Project: Agastya Corporate Park
Location: Kurla, Mumbai
Client: Piramal Agastya Pvt Ltd.
Architectural and Interior Design: Lead Consultant: Callison (Seattle)
Associate/on-ground consultant: SS Architects
Project Area: 16.25 acres
Civil Contractors: Larsen & Toubro
Project Management: Turner India
Project Estimate: Phase I is estimated at approximately INR 487 crores
Initiation of Project: May 2015; the Ananta building was completed and handed over to Piramal Enterprises in two years

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