Five top design elements that aid productivity in coworking spaces

Five top design elements that aid productivity in coworking spaces

Coworking spaces are consciously promoting a healthy work environment and embracing new ideas in design and work methodologies, shares Amit Ramani, CEO & Founder, Awfis

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Workplace layouts are no longer restricted to closed cabin and white walls with infographics about the companies. They are thriving to add a splash of color, natural light and lots of greenery. The greatest example of design centric offices is the increasing trend of coworking spaces. Coworking spaces are brighter, more colorful and have a positive vibe to them that helps unlock the creativity in professionals and convert a dingy workday into a ground for efficiency.

Shared workspaces are a one-stop solution for all the needs of the millennial workforce. Inherently collaborative and flexible by nature, coworking spaces provide the ideal mix for the new generation employees. As believed by GenZ, workplace is no more a place you work in - it is a place you live in. Hence, the importance of the surroundings come into play. 

So, what are the new designs that these plugs and play spaces are undertaking to make sure work efficiency is at the top?

Keeping it Bright
Our cortisol level drops significantly under artificial and poor lighting conditions and dimly lit workplaces strain eyes, causing headache and drowsiness. Natural light plays an important role in boosting the overall energy and mood of an individual. Therefore, if you enter a well-designed coworking space, you will be welcomed with plenty of natural daylight filtering through the space that helps accelerate productivity.

Playing with Colours
You can leverage the power of hues to impact how people feel and work in the environment. For instance, green promotes equilibrium and harmony. Warm colors, such as red and orange, help incorporate dynamism into the office, raising the overall energy of the team; whereas, restful colors such as blue help keep employees composed, promoting thinking, creativity and performance.

Bringing in Greenery
Our minds are irrevocably connected to nature and greenery. Therefore, it only makes sense to have a familiar element around us while working, to help us relax and soothe our senses. Plants in workspaces can reduce noise levels, clean the air and reduce stress. They create a meditative state in the office space which creates a healthier environment for workers, improving their attention span, stabilizing their mood and improving their creativity. 

Magnifying Space
What is the first thing you notice when you come across a spacious area? The openness and space to breathe has immediate positive impact on your senses. An open office also promotes interaction, flow of thoughts and ideas that are more conducive.

Lending an Ear to Acoustics
Poor acoustics make working very difficult. In order to improve worker’s productivity, acoustic performance must remain top-notch. The right sound environment enables clear communication and, in some cases, allows better focus and retention. Some steps to achieve acoustical performance include: sound masking, soundproof small rooms as huddle rooms, install acoustic retrofits, and light fixtures made with acoustic materials.

Working today does not equate to machine-mentality. It is more about interaction, engagement and communication. In addition to great company policies, workspaces also play an important role in tapping into this organic means of working. Coworking spaces, with their natural flair for creativity and vibrant landscape, are carrying the baton of positive workspaces that are not only changing the culture landscape but also aiding employee productivity.

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