Numi Office by Urban Zen

Numi Office by Urban Zen

A contemporary and minimalistic design language underlines the recently executed office project in Hyderabad by Urban Zen

Numi office, Urban Zen, Office design, Contemporary, Minimalism

Located at Film Nagar, Hyderabad, the Numi Office, designed by Urban Zen, is an efficient & proactive workspace designed with a raw, contemporary and minimalistic approach. The client’s brief was to refurbish an old house to create an office that could accommodate a headcount of about 45 people.

The idea was to fabricate a hospitable working environment with varied work settings. From collaborative spaces to individual work zones, this office is a wholesome space which inculcates ingenuity, fun and learning. 

The space was kept as simple as possible while still highlighting its distinctive character. The grey backdrop works as a perfect canvas for the pop of yellows across the work floor. 

The disticntive forms embellisishing the interior landscape - be it the staircase, the dividing wall or even the light fixtures - add an intuitive dynamism to space. 

Several civil changes were made to incorporate the open space and office like vibe that was critical to the design brief.

Project Details:
Name of the project: Numi Office
Design Team: Rohit Suraj
Location: Film Nagar, Hyderabad
Area (Sq.ft): 4500sq.ft
Completion date: December 2019
Photo courtesy: Ricken Desai

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