Making a case for IFM

Making a case for IFM

Maximiliano Ades Alsina, the general manager for Acciona Service, lists down the benefits of moving away from single-service FM model

Integrated facility management

Facility management (FM) as an industry is and will continue to be in a phase of rapid expansion, mainly due to the rapid pace of growth in infrastructure as well as commercial and residential real estate coming online within the next fvie years.

Maximiliano Ades Alsina, the general manager for Acciona Service

This fact presents a significant opportunity for those service providers that can evolve from the more traditional, single-service provision, towards offering integrated FM service packages
to clients.

The single-service model is currently bound within a market that is highly fragmented, and which has experienced an increase in competition from a large number of small companies that provide these single-services. As a consequence of this, margins have been pushed down, making profitability for single-service providers tough to maintain.

Another significant development in the FM market is the tightening of some governmental and private client budgets, mainly due to the volatility surrounding the oil price during the last couple of years.

An opportunity for proactive service providers to assist their clients in analysing their current FM-related costs is now available. Specialised companies are looking for opportunities to streamline and optimise the provision of services, with the objective to achieve lower operating costs for their assets, while maintaining the quality levels. Within this approach, an IFM model can make strides towards reaching these cost-reduction goals.

IFM not only reduces the cost of ownership for the client, it also helps to implement best practices allowing the service provider to implement new ways to augment performance by making the whole process more efficient and minimising the gaps that may be found.

Acciona is trying to encourage the change of mentality from a single-service contract to an integrated contract, joining soft and hard services as needed. Currently at Acciona IFM contracts represent around 30% of our business. Our clients range from the educational sector, which have shown an openness to accept the idea of an integrated service approach, to hospitals and airports, where the shift from single-service is still in the early stages of development in the region.

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