New range of air purifiers by Eureka Forbes

New range of air purifiers by Eureka Forbes

Air purifier, Eureka forbes

With the realisation of the fact that one spends most of his/her time indoors, Eureka Forbes understands that breathing healthy air where we live and work is critical. While it’s easy to see when one needs to dust or sweep, it’s harder to know when the air needs cleaning. Indoor air can be hazardous to health without any telltale signs. Thus, with an aim to provide solution in this segment, Eureka Forbes has introduced an innovative solution with the new Dr. Aeroguard technology.

Powered by Activeshield x 2 filtration system, the ultra-precision purification process has double the efficiency of purifiers in its class to eliminate sub-micron respirable particles and infection-carrying microbes in the air. Certified by the world renowned German ‘gui-Lab’, Dr. Aeroguard technology can not only sense, clean and purify, it revitalises the air using a perfect blend of silver Ions, diatoms and vitamins, making the air pure and healthy.

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