IFMA-RICS launch unified career map to boost professional prospects in FM

IFMA-RICS launch unified career map to boost professional prospects in FM

A unified career map for the facility management sector has been unveiled as part of the global collaboration between the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). By standardising training courses, qualification requirements and certification levels internationally, the scope and potential of a career in facilities management is like never before, according to IFMA-RICS.

The new IFMA-RICS career map delivers unprecedented clarity and internationally recognised authority of the required skills, training and experience necessary for all professional stages and goals. It is one of many resources emerging from the collaboration designed to accelerate career development and build recognition for FM professionals as strategic leaders in the built environment.

RICS chief executive officer Sean Tompkins says a unified FM industry, for example, means more opportunity to make sure smart buildings operate correctly, green technology actually works and innovative designs are useable. “The united career map sets a course for FM professionals to internationally align on objectives, critical metrics and best practices which ultimately deepens their expertise and value to the built environment,” Tompkins says.

The more than 25 million FM professionals in the world represent about US$1.12 trillion annually. For decades, FM professionals have been restrictively classified as tactical support due in large part to the lack of global uniformity in how the FM industry defined and measured itself, according to IFMA-RICS. IFMA president and CEO Tony Keane says the shared global FM standards open a stronger, more marketable pathway for industry leaders. “By eliminating fragmentation, we are building a stronger, more impactful international FM community, unified by a common professional language, even when they speak different languages,” Keane states.
The IFMA-RICS collaboration, launched in April this year, is making ground-breaking strides in driving professional recognition in the FM sector.

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