WEBINAR - Adapting to the Next Normal & New Dynamics of Work

WEBINAR - Adapting to the Next Normal & New Dynamics of Work

The third edition of the webinar series bought together industry experts to delve into the cost aspect of the measure to be implemented and the various strategies and technologies that can be adopted for our transition back to offices

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Despite negative and positive business impacts from COVID-19, industry leaders find themselves in a situation where they’ve identified the emergence of new patterns and opportunities amidst the crisis.

In this uniquely challenging environment, the upcoming webinar, which was a panel discussion delved into some of the following questions:

  • How are organizations building resilience in preparation for the next normal?
  • Will Covid-19 result in the acceleration of automation and how are organizations preparing themselves to adapt to this shift? How are companies efficiently planning for the current transition and preparing for the future?
  • What are some of the post-pandemic planning framework for strategic decisions that can aid the workforce and the workplace?How is the industry grappling with the immediate effects of Covid-19 – how do they plan to normalise the process?

The panel members included:
Bimal Desai, principal architect & founding partner, DSP Design Associates
Deben Moza, Executive Director – Project Management, Knight Frank
Praveen Vasudeva, Director, Workplace Resources, Cisco
Rajat Malhotra, COO – IFM, JLL
Sander Schutte, CEO, MAPIQ

Below is the complete receording of the webinar:

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