Augmented solutions in the gypsum board sector

Augmented solutions in the gypsum board sector

Saint-Gobain India Pvt. Ltd’s newly launched Habito™, the latest innovation of Gyproc India, aims to take the lead on sustainable habitat solutions in future combined with performance.

The new variant in the drywall space, is installed like any other gypsum board, but allows users to fix items, such as TV brackets, cabinets, white board, lacquered glass, wall hanging instruments or any other heavy items. This can be done without specialist fixings or using ply support, by simply fixing the screw directly into the wall. It delivers load carrying capacity of 30 kg on each screw due to its dense core and patented technology – which means 120 kg can be safely mounted using only four screws. Apart from fixing strength it absorbs knocks and bangs and dramatically reduces wear and tear on wall.

Commenting on its latest lauch, Venkat Subramanian, regional CEO, construction products India and managing director for Gyproc India said, “Habito™, the latest innovation by Gyproc offers customer enhanced solutions in drywall offerings. Installed just like any other gypsum board, it combines the strength and fixing capacity of masonry or ply with the benefits of drywall.”

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