Social introduces Work x Play 2.0

Social introduces Work x Play 2.0

Following the mantra of ‘Work x Play’, Social created a co-working space that creative practitioners and entrepreneurs across five cities could call home.

Version 2.0 of Social's evolving co-working space aims to provide a platform for creators to connect and network.

Taking this concept a step further, Social hosted a Connect to Collaborate for Creators - A Panel discussion on ,'Influence of co-working spaces and the impact of collaboration' at Khar Social on Wednesday, 17th October 2018.

The evening started by a panel discussion featuring some of the best in the biz -- Amit Doshi, founder of the IVM Podcasts, who started up his Podcast network from a co-working space and has grown into a larger sphere through the concept. Mithun Shetty, Country Head of Community Building & Member Experience of 91springboard, which in itself is a vibrant coworking community created for start-ups, freelancers and business owners with a start-up mindset. Naveen Raju, Executive Director of TiE Mumbai, which is a non-profit venture devoted to entrepreneurs in all industries, at all stages, from incubation, throughout the entrepreneurial life-cycle; and Mandovi Menon, Founder of Homegrown, a youth media company powered by an online publication, a creative agency, an events arm and a talent management vertical.

These eminent people were amongst the panel discussing the influence of co-working spaces and the impact of collaboration.

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