Wipro Lighting and Igor Announce Partnership for Intelligent Lighting and Smart Building

Wipro Lighting and Igor Announce Partnership for Intelligent Lighting and Smart Building

Wipro Lighting and Igor Inc have entered into an OEM agreement to license Igor technology for the Wipro Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Connected Lighting product line. The agreement enables Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting to sell Igor-enabled lighting fixtures globally with exclusive lighting partner rights in India.

Nexos, Igor’s trusted IoT Smart Building PoE-based platform, has a tightly integrated intelligent lighting application which has been installed in many different locations, from skyscrapers in Manhattan, NYC, to hotels in Europe, to schools and residential buildings across the country.

Together, Igor and Wipro have already successfully executed a large PoE lighting project in India with a Global 100 technology company. With significant computability and complementary strengths, the two companies already share a robust pipeline and anticipate making several significant project announcements in 2019.
PoE lighting has significant advantages due to the two-way data transmission that CAT5e/6 cables provide. With the Igor’s technology, Wipro’s PoE-powered lighting immediately reaps the following benefits:
• Low-voltage cable is more cost effective, easier and safer to install, and provides maximum flexibility for future changes or renovations. Independent studies have shown installation saving between 7% - 23%, depending on the side of the project.
• Granular controls and real-time data analytics to maximize energy saving, optimize lighting levels, and provide maximum lighting comfort to the building’s occupants
• Global compatibility and connectivity since PoE cabling is an international standard
• Certified emergency lighting using Igor’s patented centralized PoE emergency lighting solution
• The ability to expand from intelligent lighting into smart building applications using the same platform already installed, Igor’s PoE-based IoT smart building platform, Nexos.

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