Future of Work: Trends transforming the workplace and its impact on the workforce

Future of Work: Trends transforming the workplace and its impact on the workforce

The second edition of the webinar series, hosted by Wipro Lighting, delved on the impact that constantly changing trends has on, not just the workspaces, but also on the workforce and work processes.

As companies navigate the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, several key issues need to be considered to: prevent, prepare and predict. Finding ways to reimagine a business-as-usual environment, that minimizes disruptions for the organisation, requires a fine balance. Given this, the speakers on the panel elaborated on planning and executing business continuity in an unprecedented situation like COVID. Most organizations have BCP for a one-off incident which lasts a few days and impact a few locations. But COVID has impacted the entire organization, its supply chain and people, on a global scale. In many cases, despite the absence of a guidebook to go by -- organizations have been able to quickly plan and roll out BCM.

Given the ongoing process, the discussions on the webinar delved into some of the following questions:
• How are organisations building resilience in preparation for the new normal?
• What have been some of the key learnings from this?
• How can organizations efficiently plan for the current transition and prepare for the future?
• What are some of the critical measures that have been mandated going forward?
• How is the industry grappling with the immediate effects of Covid-19 – how do they plan to normalise the process?

Below is the complete recording of the webinar:

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