Six trending office design ideas

Six trending office design ideas

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1. Collaborative spaces: Encourage interaction and collaboration by incorporating alternative soft seating, movement, writable walls and alternative desk solutions. Design elements and features bring employees into contact with each other, promoting a strong team ethos, idea sharing and enhanced creativity.

2. Larger breakout areas: Promote interaction and social connection between employees by creating pantries and breakout areas in contrast to the general office theme, allowing employees to achieve a more fulfilling break and ultimately enhanced productivity through the workday. 

3. Greenery: Increase employees’ state of mind, health and productivity by bringing in natural daylight and adding houseplants and living walls in the interior decor.

4. Homestyle: Include a cosy, warm and welcoming ambience in the workplace by breaking down rigid office design trends, leading employees to feel comfortable and relaxed enough to achieve their own professional as well as the organisation’s goals.

5. Pods: Introduce pods that give employees privacy to work in a focused manner without compromising on open-plan designs that successfully encourage collaboration. Small, brightly coloured cubicles can be strategically placed to do away with background noise and keep interruptions at bay, while breaking up space and incorporating colour.

6. Acoustics panels: Offer privacy for confidential or contemplative tasks by adding acoustic panelling on vertical as well as horizontal surfaces. On furniture, fixtues and equipment, these become functional yet aesthetic solutions. In case complete privacy is required, private phone booths have proven to be the most popular, cost-effective choice.

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