How lighting can transform office spaces

How lighting can transform office spaces

With the evolution of smart lighting, the workplace design is undergoing a complete makeover with more focus towards challenging parameters for creating conducive interior environment

Office lighting, Human centric lighting

Design and innovation is a way of life at Wipro. Its focus has always been on enriching customer experience by providing cutting edge designs and latest technology. Wipro offers a range of energy efficient lighting solutions, control systems and components for smart lighting applications utilized in indoor and outdoor facilities. We are committed to providing our customer with high standards in lighting innovation.
With the evolution of smart lighting, the workplace Design, and indoor spaces are undergoing a complete makeover with more focus towards challenging parameters for creating space which enhance employee wellbeing, comfort, safety and user experience with the help of technology usage for space management and energy optimisation.

Wipro Lighting perfectly understands the need for intelligence within workspaces and is committed to deliver value through its every offering. Thus with the change in trends in office spaces we are geared up to offer innovative solutions that provides:-

Agility and personalised user control through technology
Workplaces are becoming agile and smarter – personalized user control, actionable insights into space optimization, way finding, hot desking, meeting room bookings are some of the outcomes being looked at in order to address these demands. Through its smart technologies, like PoE solutions Wipro Lighting is offering solutions to enhance employee comfort, productivity and safety through personalized control of work spaces and enables performance tracking with real-time updates on lighting system status.

Smart & Connected lighting systems can be seamlessly integrated with building management systems and have a customized GUI for ease in operation and control using touch panels and provides Personalised Lighting for enhanced comfort with Individual Luminaire Level controls for intensity and colour.
Wipro lighting has recently launched new technologies and solutions under its technology platform Internet of Lighting (IoL)™ - lighting solutions based on Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), inSync™ - human centric lighting solutions, LiFi and smart city solutions.

Human centricity - Lighting for people
The wellness quotient of employees working in office space is gaining high importance. The WELL Building standard (WELL) provides guidelines that minimize disruption to the body’s circadian system, enhance productivity, support good sleep quality and provide appropriate visual acuity.
Wipro inSync™ range of products for human centric lighting and designed to offer lighting solutions that promotes employee’s well-being, mood and health, improve concentration, safety and efficiency in workplaces or educational environments. By changing color of light and/or intensity of light, we are focusing on providing bio-dynamic light based on human circadian rhythm. It aims at creating  a perfect synchrony of mind, body and light to craft workspaces that enhance employee wellbeing & productivity and make light work ‘ Just Right’ for the employees.

Innovations in product design
On the latest trends front, the workplace design in recent times is undergoing a radical change. Organizations are looking at creating spaces, which enhance employee well-being. The office interiors are getting trendier and informal spaces are on the rise where a vibrant environment is created to collaborate and share ideas.

Open spaces and ceilings, collaborative zones are increasingly gaining popularity as these encourage higher interaction between employees, leading to enhanced employee productivity and retention. Keeping in mind these design intents of architects and designers for creating such cheerful and productive area require collaborative workspace lighting which Wipro has launched recently. This range covers state of art products like Vertica, Orbit series and Picasso Range.

We understand the design philosophy for making products aesthetically appealing and have developed several product ranges in past few years. We are therefore the leaders in office lighting space. The “Right Light” has an enlightening touch on the environment which goes beyond just illumination, it is one of the strongest sensory impression that act as food to creativity, ideas and winning-edge innovations. Asserting on the Quality of light that brings space to life and life to space, Wipro Lighting introduced Verge that won Red Dot Design award 2017 and India Design mark award.
As we advance into future, our ways of working have broken down the walls, creating more open and flexible spaces. With innovative design inspired by circular form we innovated Opus LED – a lighting solution for contemporary workspaces that won India design mark award.
In addition to this, the company gained recognition for its indisputable work and was presented with the Frost & Sullivan’s Connected Lighting Company of the Year 2018 and India innovative Visionary Leadership Award 2017.

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