In 2020, new age workplaces will gain traction

In 2020, new age workplaces will gain traction

Colliers research establish that more occupiers will invest in new age workplaces

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By the end of 2021, Gen Z population should be one-fifth of the Indian workforce. We foresee occupiers more rapidly adopting workplaces with a collaborative and creative thrust. In a survey conducted by job portal, 60% millennials in India seek jobs that allow flexibility, and over 52% feel that their organisation might not have the adequate culture to provide flexible working options. As a younger workforce enters the job market and as technology evolves, we foresee more occupiers adopting new approaches to workspace design, offering options such as a) experiential workplace, and b) flexible workspace options to retain talent. To retain talent, occupiers are providing dynamic workplaces, replete with collaborative spaces, break-out zones. Occupiers should consider providing their employees flexibility in work location and hours, giving them the freedom to work at any time.

According to Colliers’ report, Occupiers size up flexible workspaces August 2019, occupiers ranked ‘achieving an employee-friendly environment’ as the most important CRE objective. As occupiers’ objectives shift away from mere cost, we believe that activity-based working (ABW) should gain traction in India. ABW has a strong emphasis on promotion of collaborative space where staff can mingle and work together, as well as leisure space and quiet zones where staff can concentrate by themselves when necessary.

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