COVID‐19: Impact on Indian real estate

COVID‐19: Impact on Indian real estate

After remaining relatively unscathed, India is now witnessing an outbreak of the virus

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According to the World Health Organization's (WHO) briefing, COVID‐19 (coronavirus) cases appear to have surpassed 109,500 as of 9 March 2020. After remaining relatively unscathed, India is now witnessing an outbreak of the virus.

As of 9 March 2020, in India there were 43 confirmed cases. This situation highlights the importance of wellness and technology in the workplace. Over the next three months if the outbreak continues, we expect:

> We expect India’s economy, which has slowed but is still robust, to underpin office leasing demand. There should be no significant adverse impact on office absorption in 2020 as pre‐commitments should mature this year with the completion of new

> An increase in telecommuting, providing an opportunity for the biggest remote working experiment ever seen in India.

> Delayed capital deployment in India due to slow decision‐making in H1 2020.

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