Canvas Design studio's campaign against Covid-19

Canvas Design studio's campaign against Covid-19

Here are few of the protocols the employees at Mumbai-based Casnvas Design studio have been following to stay healthy and live in a safer environment.

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The start of Covid-19, was definitely a signal to alert us that if it not now, then when? Hence the team at The Canvas Design studio have taken the onus if sharing how firms can have a work culture and work space adaptable to such abrupt scenarios. Their action therapy of design implementation, has been incorporated from the very beginning of their business, and it keeps evolving with various advancements. Having a common server system has helped them massively to communicate well where as an airy green office and high hygienic standards are their core strengths too. They state that this pandemic, has only made the teamwork reach higher pedestals of understanding and efficiency. 

"The Canvas felt a wave, but has been as steady as ever and requests everyone to safe keep themselves. After the alarm is off, we shall invest in antimicrobial solutions, and grow our interest in biotechnology. We would also like to throw light on disaster management guidelines, and develop our research in strengthening the interiors and exteriors of a building," states Sapna Khakharia, Director, The Canvas.

In this article the firm shares its design and behavior protocol for the current pandemic issue of COVID-19. Here is what they are doing!

Action therapy

For design implementation.

  1. Enhance air quality and circulation: Plan for the design to breathe through openness, biophilic elements and air purifying systems.
  2. Use  “smart antimicrobial coating”: The Hong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) have developed a “smart” anti-microbial coating that can kill up to 99.9 percent of highly-infectious viruses and bacteria, including the deadly novel corona virus.
  3. Reduce skin contact by sensor automation: Sensor lights, voice activation system, zero contact policy to operate functions
  4. Work from anywhere: Flexible work strategy with a common server facility reducing air pollution by decline in transportation and increasing self and social protection
  5. Introduce music therapy: Create a special playlist of soulful music for your employees to self heal & meditate regularly in this abrupt change

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