Frequently Asked Questions on BIM - Part 1

Frequently Asked Questions on BIM - Part 1

We got experts at Voxel1 Solutions to answer some of FAQs on BIM: Is BIM helpful to integrate green building measures?; At what stage we should introduce the BIM for services?; Should we get consultants or develop an in-house team?; How do we quantify or establish change management?, and many more

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1. Is BIM helpful to integrate green building measures? And is it possible to achieve any green building rating using BIM?
Ans: Yes…As discussed, BIM as a concept is to be implemented across full project life-cycle…However, the tools used, the level of detail and the information incorporated into the models vary basing on the model usage...In this case Green Building Rating related information and formulae can be incorporated in to the BIM Models.

2. Can you suggest a very simple and quick 4D BIM tool that is user friendly and can be used by Planners and Project Control professionals who may not be very adept with advanced BIM software and tools ? For example, some quick and simple 4D tool to integrate with simple schedules in MS Project, Primavera, etc.
Within the open forum we do not prioritize a specific software / vendor. However, the technology is fairly advanced for team members to start using BIM for 4D with minimal training required. Please feel free to contact me via email for a further conversation.

3. Integrated means including civil, structure and finishing? Or only services?
Ans: Integrated means all disciplines that are being modelled as part of the BIM Scope of work for the project. This typically includes Architecture, Structure, Façade, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Landscape etc.

4. At what stage we should introduce the BIM for services?
Ans:The earlier the better. BIM models for services can be developed at various levels of detail starting from Conceptual Design for zoning itself. However, the current industry trend starts developing MEP models at the design development stage.

5. When can we expect first clash analysis report? During detail design?
Ans: First clash report is typically generated to identify coordination issues between Architecture & Structure Disciplines.

6. HI, Can implement Fenestration products such External windows, doors etc  in BIM, With exact details and can we also use for making BOQ of the  material required for different items , such frame, sash, hardware etc.
Ans: Yes…BIM Models can be developed including the details mentioned by you…However, it is important to make sure the models carry right amount of information for the BIM Uses identified…This will help to make sure models are clean and light.

7. In India nowadays, multiple govt departments include bim in project scope for EPC turnkey jobs as it is mandated by cpwd. But the departments are not sensitised to the expectations from and/or capabilities of BIM. The result is that BIM modelling becomes just a compliance exercise. The question is, how much should the contractor be held responsible for training the employer?
This very much depends on the type of terms and conditions documented within…BIM Requirements should be mentioned in detail along with the tools and LOD information in the contract documents…This will help to ensure that contractors are fully aware of the skillset and experience required by the project.

8. I am from Construction company. Lot of BIM consultants are available. What is your suggestion? Should we get it done from these consultants or to developed in house team?
Ans: This should be a decision made after under sting few key points…such as existing project deadlines, current team skill set, specific BIM goals in place…We typically call this as "Assessment" to understand the above items in order to prepare a BIM Implementation Roadmap

9. Do you suggest the similar development of Interior Projects in BIM as the timelines for Interior Projects is hardly 60 days?
Ans: Interior Projects will benefit greatly with BIM by being able to avoid coordination issues and more importantly to be able to generate very accurate quantities.

10. What do you have to say about the size of the BIM models? They become heavier and heavier the minute you start adding details to them. More and More services are added to them. Please suggest how to keep the model light so that it easy to use?
Ans: Most of the cases, model file size is directly proportionate to the model quality. However, it is very important to have a well-planned "Model Breakdown Structure" in place to ensure file sizes are manageable.

These questions were collated during the webinar session on "The complete guide to BIM implementation".
Below is the recording of the webinar:

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