REstart – REshape - REimagine : The New Normal

REstart – REshape - REimagine : The New Normal

Rahul Lal, National Head for Infrastructure, Facilities, Real Estate & Security at Dalmia Bharat Group, tells us how recovery from the COVID-19 crisis is also an opportunity to reframe the organization’s future.

Post covid impact, Facilities management

The rapid outbreak of the coronavirus presents an alarming health crisis that the world is grappling with and in addition to the human impact, there is also a significant commercial impact being felt globally.

Rahul Lal, National Head for Infrastructure, Facilities, Real Estate & Security at Dalmia Bharat Group

Among the most striking consequences of this pandemic have been the game-changing impacts brought on our social behaviours, as well as on legacy networks and patterns of economic activity. Speed, agility, and innovation are required from governments, businesses and society in crafting responses to cope with this evolving new normal.

The situation has now been aggravated by the demand, supply and liquidity shocks that COVID-19 has inflicted. For our industry, the response rate to safeguard the organization at all levels has been a key factor in getting through this pandemic.

At Dalmia Bharat Group, our prime priority has always been people and resources, ensuring that the business contingency is maintained we made work from home as convenient as we could for our employees. We aspired to deliver and set-up infrastructure at the employees home for a seamless work experience.
Successfully returning to the physical workplace is the priority. But recovery from the COVID-19 crisis is also an opportunity to reframe the organization’s future. An effective physical return needs to be mapped with the current pandemic situation, work demand and employees’ comfort.

To return employees to the workplace with confidence demands big-picture planning. Organizations need to be ready to fight the battle, should there be a second wave of the outbreak. A seamless transition from office to home, automation, digitization and lastly, being alert are the only ways to overcome this pandemic

Here are the top areas that are being looked into to get the premise ready to welcome back its soul, the employees -

  • Health & Wellbeing of our employees
  • Physical Space
  • Technology (Digitization)
  • Social Distancing

The company is constantly learning new techniques at a speedy rate compared to pre-lockdown times and have trained the staffs fully to use internet software and applications that makes them and our work easier.
Back to workplace programme & key measures are mentioned below:

Employee Wellbeing
Welcome Kit / Wellness manual
Security check
Social Distancing Measures

Health Screening Kiosk
Visitor Screening
Door Sanitization
Disinfestation Station

Reactive Disinfestation
Periodic Sanitization
Workplace Seating & Planning
Washroom sanitisation and Usage Guidelines
Awareness Poster

Meeting Rooms
Guidelines to use conference & meeting rooms

Seating arrangement, pantry & kitchen guidelines

Engineering Services
Duct Sanitization, Indoor air quality + Microbial Test, Air filtration system checking, Creating remote monitoring for critical equipment as BCP, implementation of air filters as per ASHRAE & GACS guidelines, energy saving consultancy.

Other Service
Creating inventory list for BCP, facility decontamination stations, Staff Trainings

Waste management
Waste management guidelines

Lift Management
Lift Usage Guidelines, Lift Sanitization

Effective routing and vehicle density, Disinfestation of Cabs

The world (literally) has moved to digitization. Bill Gates had made this prediction in 1996 when only 1% of the world was online. And now a kinder garden student is taking online lessons.

Investing in Social Capital online

Creating forums and opportunities to connect employees socially. From doing engagement activities to planning for knowledge briefs everything is now online.

All industries have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis; severity varies within the industry. Thus, the bounce back rate is dependent on the adaptation of the new normal.

The organizations are still mulling over the new phase, long term and short terms plans, monitoring the sustenance of performance and productivity.

Demands have shifted, priorities have been reset and the approach to address the situation needs a big shift. Organizations globally are experiencing unprecedented workforce disruption.

Leaders across industries are rising to the challenge, office premise are being modified to meet the expectations of the employees in coming back to a safe workplace.
‘Business as Usual’ is now over and innovation and digitization is the new normal.

To stay on top of the productivity and profitability game, quality of life, full digitization premise, customized social hubs will be the in-demand thing. Quality, technology and customization will take precedence over generalised services.

An organization that encourages and embraces a future alignment, focused on creating value for tomorrow will sail smooth.  Along with the market value the focus should be on catering to the Human value as well, one climb on the top.

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