In conversation with ANJ Group’s MD Ashok Kularia

In conversation with ANJ Group’s MD Ashok Kularia

Ashok Kularia, managaing director at ANJ Group, interacted with Commercial Design to share the fundamentals of design which led his team through 1500 projects that they have floored

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With over 15 years of experience in the business, ANJ Group’s MD Ashok Kularia is a technocrat with unmatched skills in identifying trends in corporate workspace design. He has taken ANJ Group to new heights, foraying into Design & Build Solutions. Under his nifty guidance and counsel, the company grew from a 15-member team to a family of more than 300 highly skilled professionals working on some of the most reputed global corporate giants across India. Ashok’s unparalleled leadership, his technical & creative expertise and visionary prowess have led to delivering great results.

ANJ Group is a market leader in the turnkey interior fit-out industry standing tall on its 35 years of field experience. They have delivered over 50 million sq. ft. by executing more than 1500 Projects across 60 cities in India. The company, headquartered in Mumbai, has global presence with offices spread across Bengaluru, NCR, Pune, and Hyderabad and Hong Kong. TATA Sky, Cadbury, Castrol, Mastercard, Amazon, Novartis, Accenture, WeWork, Apple, Google, Bank of America, Capgemini, Wipro, Intercontinental Exchange, Cipla, Michelin, IDBI Bank, Johnson & Johnson, JLL, Cognizant, Facebook, Reliance etc. are part of ANJ’s vast clientele.

Q. Can you elaborate on the theoretical base or the core idea behind your work?
A: The theoretical base behind our work is well summed up in our tagline – ‘Giving Life to Ideas’. I believe- the best ideas and innovation would never see daylight if they are not brought to a tangible existence. And our philosophy is to bring the best of those alive for our clients in their workspaces. The only language that’s common across our project sites is safety and quality. The design language varies depending on the client that we’re working for.

Q. What according to you are the fundamental aspects of your design?
A: The fundamental aspect of our design is to give the best possible form to the required function of the workspace. This, of course, should be coupled with latest technology, the best-suited products and right aesthetics.

Q. How do you weave the brans and its culture in your designs?
A: Design of a workspace is firmly rooted in the values and culture of the brand that we design for. A workspace must be a best possible physical representation of what that brand stands for, its offerings and vision. Be it for their clients, the stakeholders or the employees who spend hours in the office, the workspace must reflect the value of the brand and should maintain its standard in terms of design experience.
In today’s era, the best way to percolate your work culture to your employees is through good design. Studies recommend employees to stand for 35 minutes and sit for 25 minutes in an hour. For a brand that professes wellness for its employees, it is imperative that height adjustable desks or standing desks are integrated in the workplace. Our workplace strategists work closely with our clients to understand their value propositions and design the workplaces accordingly.

Q. You have designed for programs of various scales and complexities. What are the challenges faced by you while designing commercial spaces?
A: Apart from the logistical challenges, change management is a major issue pertaining specially in the remote areas of the country. While global workplace trends have long moved to cabin-less, open offices with more collaborative spaces, doing away with the concept of hierarchy and privacy involves a lot of convincing effort. Workshops, awareness talks and numerous personal interactions let the entities open up to new ideas and venture away from the age-old traditions and practices. We have been extremely successful in leading this change with our clients as we continue to stride in the direction.

Q. How do you work towards establishing the synergy with the various stakeholders involved in a project?
A: The corporate real estate fraternity has seen a huge paradigm shift in the past decade. Clients prefer design & build solutions for their workplace fit-out needs to avoid having to deal with multiple stake-holders for the project delivery. For the past decade, we have been one of the few and leading design & build firms comprising architects & designers, experienced project managers, MEP engineers working at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in collaboration with 2000+ artisans. ANJ’s process-driven approach ensures building up of a cohesive synergy within all stakeholders to ensure quality, cost effectiveness and timely delivery of the project.

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