Interview: Sebi Joseph, President, Otis India on 'Vertical transport systems'

Interview: Sebi Joseph, President, Otis India on 'Vertical transport systems'

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What are the most important factors taken into consideration before the selection of a vertical transport system?

There are multiple factors taken into consideration before choosing a system and a good team can help decipher the customer’s requirements and offer relevant solutions. There are however a few key factors that are taken into consideration before diving into the challenges of a project. These are load and capacity requirements, number of people in a building, traffic patterns, speed, safety systems like the automatic rescue system, infra-red door curtains, load weighing device etc. Increasingly we find customers also ask for energy efficient equipment, options of power stand mode or automatic switch-off, environmentally responsible systems and elevators that offer ease of maintenance. From a quality stand point, we also evaluate systems on the basis of ride quality alongside reduced noise and vibration. Integrated security systems too are also being widely considered this day and age.

Which are your latest products?

Otis announced the launch of the Gen2® Core, an energy efficient elevator designed to meet the needs of the Indian mass and affordable housing segments. With a speed of 0.7 meter-per-second (MPS) and options of machine-room or machine-room less arrangements, this elevator is ideal for low-rise residential buildings.

Built on Otis’ flagship Gen2 technology platform, Gen2 Core offers an upgrade from traditional rope-geared systems to the permanent magnet (PM) gearless-belted technology. The Gen2 Core uses Otis’ patented, flexible polyurethane-coated steel belts, the ReGen™ regenerative drive, which captures energy that is normally wasted during braking and feeds it back into the building’s electric grid, Compact Gearless Machine and Pulse™ monitoring system.

A majority of the Indian residential segment have buildings that are less than 6 to 7 stories high. The Gen2 Core offers this segment an elevator that is environmentally responsible. As India continues to urbanize we need to look at sustainable solutions, and the Gen2 offers just that through its energy saving and space conservation features.

Affordable homes do not just mean the cost accessibility of the home, but also lower operational and maintenance costs. Sustainable features are key to any affordable housing project. This product offer environmentally responsible elevators for low-rise buildings across the country especially into tier-1 and -2 cities.

What, according to you are the emerging industries/sectors that will see growth in India?

The first 20 of the 100 Smart Cities are already under development. Given this, Otis has been prepared to align this vision with one of the strongest network of about 80-plus centres spread across the country. Though the main growth is still confined to and around the six metros, there is a growing urge in the tier-II and –III cities for upgradation of building systems. Elevators are an essential element and as a brand and a company, we are prepared to meet this demand and keen to be a part of this development.

Maintenance is a critical aspect. What are some of the key post installations services provided by the Company?

Otis maintains more than 1.9 million elevators and escalators globally and over 60,000 units in India. Service is critical to ensure the performance standard of the elevator and escalator is maintained, as well as to prolong the life of the equipment.

Otis provides 24/7 service and support in major metropolitan areas via the centralized helpline – OTISLINE. To ensure easy access to customers we have the largest service network with 80 centers servicing 300 cities.

To show our commitment to service, we conduct an Annual Equipment Survey, a complete health check done on all elevators we maintain. At the end of the check, each elevator is certified as safe and is checked on important parameters. This is done irrespective of the type of maintenance contract the customer holds with us.

Our commitment to customer focus, with outstanding equipment performance, is key our to business success. For example, the Otis Elite™ service program combines cutting-edge technology with our service expertise to deliver a priority service that goes beyond maintenance to offer an array of customer focused benefits.

Further strengthening the services offered is eService for Otis customers. This service allows building owners and managers who have an existing maintenance contract with Otis to view their elevators’ performance details around the clock.

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