VitrA Hygiene's advanced innovative technology

VitrA Hygiene's advanced innovative technology

VitrA, VitrA Hygiene, Innovative hygiene technology

VitrA offers advanced innovative hygiene technologies along with cohesive elegant styles in a variety of series that underlines the importance of hygiene, with user-friendly cleaning solutions.VitrA Hygiene is a technology which offers benefits in terms of health. It has ION Technology that prevents harmful bacteria by 99.9%. Maximum hygiene is ensured on the surfaces developed with this method. VitrA Hygiene does not lose its protection feature even under intense usage conditions.

VitrA Hygiene is a special glaze that coats all external and internal surfaces prior to firing in a process that ensures VitrA Hygiene protection for VitrA ceramicware throughout its lifetime.VitrA’s uber-innovative products, systems and solutions take hygiene to a whole new level: from WCs to washbasins or urinals and spaces. Our smart bathrooms with automated functionalities give greater impetus to comfort and hygiene, while making operating them extremely easy.The growth of the sanitary-ware and bathroom industry is being fuelled by three different concepts: the increase in-disposable income of families, the growing interest in re-valuating ideas of hygiene and mostly access to new technologies. The sanitary-ware industry in India is experiencing rapid growth as modernity and cohesive, beautifully elegant designs, along with technology for advanced personal hygiene and comfort, is the need of the customer.

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