Brookefields Mall, Coimbatore installs additional 345kWp solar power plant, engineered by Sunshot Technologies

Brookefields Mall, Coimbatore installs additional 345kWp solar power plant, engineered by Sunshot Technologies

Brookefields Mall, Sunshot Technologies, Coimbatore, Rooftop solar power plant

In view of using green power and saving on the cost of power from electricity board, the Brookefields Mall oin Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, has taken yet another step towards sustainability by installing a state-of-the-art 345kWp rooftop solar power plant. In April 2016, the mall had commissioned 250 kWp rooftop solar power plant at the same premise. The power plants are installed on both; RCC and metal roofs of the mall.

In the absence of grid power from electricity board the industries, businesses and malls extensively use diesel generators to meet the power demand.

(L-R) Rahul Dasari, CEO, Sunshot Technologies; Ashwin Balasubramaniam, director, Brookefields; Sivakumar, Brookefields; Devraj and Bhoopati, Sunshot

The on-grid solar power plant optimises the efficiency of diesel power generators as it works in sync with the DG sets which helps in reducing diesel consumption substantially. Sunshot has installed its advanced and proven DG sync technology at the Brookefields Mall.

The Brookefields Mall now has cumulative 595kWp capacity of rooftop solar power plant. This will help mall to generate around 8.5lakh units of electricity annually and reduce carbon emission by 700 Tons every year. About 10%of the mall’s daytime power requirement has been taken up by the solar plant.

The power plant is equipped with Sunshot’s state-of-the-art online monitoring system. This helps in keeping a record of the power generation on real time basis. It also helps in better operation and maintenance of the plant as the automated system provides alerts if the plant is not functioning properly.

Ashwin Balasubramaniam, director, shared his views on the launch, saying “Brookefields have always focused on sustainability and in this direction, we appreciate the efforts undertaken by Sunshot. In our partnership of over 3 years, Sunshot has helped us in achieving our renewable energy goals through the state-of-the-art solar power plant installation on the rooftop of our mall.”

On sharing his views at the launch, M Balasubramaniam, director, Brookefields Mall, said, “As a part of Brookefields’ philosophy, we lay a strong emphasis on renewable energy. We realized solar power is a great solution to meet our power needs. We are thankful to this association with Sunshot, who not only helped us set-up rooftop solar power plant in the most cost-efficient manner, but also the continuous online monitoring support provided by them gives us the additional benefit of timely feedback and thus initiate accurate steps.”

“With this project, we have completed our 2nd phase of installation at our mall, taking a step further to achieve our sustainability goals”, he added.

Mr. Rahul Dasari, CEO of Sunshot Technologies mentioned “We are proud to be a part of Brookefields sustainability initiative. Rooftop solar power generation at commercial & industrial infrastructure is a commercially viable opportunity. Such initiatives are a great way of embracing sustainability among the corporates and should be adopted by all industrial and commercial entities.”

Sunshot has done the design, engineering, procurement and installation of both the solar power plants at Brookefields Mall Coimbatore. The company is also taking care of the operation and maintenance of the plant. 

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