Lamiwood launches “Thermo Ash Cladding"

Lamiwood launches “Thermo Ash Cladding"

Lamiwood, Thermo Ash Cladding

Lamiwood  Flooring Company, a pioneer in the sector of wooden flooring for past 12 years is dedicated to deliver exceptional products that are designed to last for years making it a favorite among reputed architects & interior decorators. Understanding the industry requirement and fulfilling the bridge for the most reliable branded wooden flooring, Lamiwood has just launched Thermo Ash Cladding in the market.

Originated from Poland, Lamiwood Thermo ash wood is treated with  Heat & Steam which makes it weather proof and thus can be used as wooden facade cladding or terrace decking. With quick and trouble-free installation without the use of any special treatment to the building makes it worry free for the user.

Thermo Ash Wood is machine oiled using selected special oils, with the addition of UV filters and color pigments to protect the boards from intense solar radiation and sudden temperature changes. Its Heat-treated genuine wood panels with a simple click system allows for easy assembly and disassembly, which provides option of creating different storage pattern says Vaibhav, CEO of Lamiwood Wooden Flooring

With several advantages, Thermo Ash Cladding comes as High durable and resistance to biodegradation. It has a very low factor of dimensional changes caused by changing environmental parameters such as humidity and air temperature, which means no warped, twisted boards on the terrace or facade. Over an above, Thermo Ash Cladding comes in one tone of brown color which allows uniformity throughout the thickness, so while processing there is no risk of losing color

Price range: Rs 475-675/= per sqft.

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