KUBIK's demountable office partition systems

KUBIK's demountable office partition systems

Demountable Office Partition Systems, Kubik

KUBIK Demountable Office Partition Systems are designed to meet the particular needs of office, corporate, commercials, healthcare and banking. It provide the ultimate flexibility in design.

KUBIK Demountable Office Partition Systems are engineered for speed and ease of installation. When installed properly. The unique extrusion profiles have been designed so that they can be configured in an infinite number of combinations and incorporated with almost any other material or finish.
The profiles are usually cut on site, making it possible to incorporate last minute changes in layout or to adjust to site conditions without affecting the cost or project completion dates.

Our commitment is to provide regular introduction of new designs, new profiles with customer satisfactions. We are happy to work with architects and designers and to customize profiles in order to realize their design concepts. Each of our partitioning
Systems has been developed to be fully compatible with a number of different door types, giving you the flexibility to design a workable space that is both practical and stylish.

KUBIK Hardware is a range of premium door hardware, Our product has been cleverly designed and easy to understand, enabling designers to fully express their creativity without the constraints of factory tooling, moulding and pre-fabrication lead time.
All KUBIK products comes in a wide range of styles, finishes and functions that will complement and enhance any projects.
KUBIK has several systems that are able to provide both at the same time as offering design creativity and flexibility. Our full time design staff provides a comprehensive CAD support service and any other tender documentation can be provided upon request. Our project and technical staff are available at any given time, in any location, to provide a technical support service whenever necessary.

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