Achieving an optimum seating arrangement for offices

Achieving an optimum seating arrangement for offices

Jitender Yadav, director, Fine Grace Office Systems Pvt Ltd, shares his insights on how corporate can design offices by selecting the right seating solutions that are suitable for all the employee and office needs

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Share the current sentiment in office design…
Since properly arranged seating plan increase comfort, productivity and collaboration among employees, it is important to consider the factors that contribute to an efficient work environment. Mark Anderson, the national business development manager at Wagstaff, which organises seating plans for several UK businesses, says: “There is significant scope to improve efficiency, health and safety, and employee satisfaction by applying ergonomics at work.”

Jitender Yadav, director, Fine Grace Office Systems Pvt Ltd

For example, ensuring there is enough space between desks, so people can easily pass by or that employees have enough desktop space and the right equipment, and that nothing blocks fire exits. Recently, Knoll hosted ONE Global Design, a consortium of owner-led interior design firms in the US, Canada and Mexico. The discussion centred on challenges faced, trends observed as well as predictions of design needs and led to the consensus that an informal aesthetic encourages collaboration.

What is the role of a breakout space?
Most offices choose a space to reflect the brand as well as create an aesthetic environment for vivacity. While the zone offers an opportunity for design creativity, it must also play a functional role. By using soft seating, chairs and furniture with an intended function, these areas can be given specific meanings. Power points, side tables, rest laptops, coffee tables, comfortable sofas, social positioning, privacy positioning, white boards, TV monitors, magazine stands, etc, can be integrated.

Tell us about the critical considerations for seating solutions… 
Only a variety of seating solutions that satisfy ergonomic expectations that arise from the complex needs of today’s workplace. It is crucial to adapt to market trends and expand into non-traditional areas.

Shed some light on Fine Grace’s manufacturing services…
We offer a complete solution for office furniture. It is designed and developed from a comprehensive range of modular workstations, desks, tables, storages and seaters for discerning businesses. The products are made in varying sizes and designs and guarantee product quality, resulting from integrated manufacturing processes, upgraded manufacturing technology and installation of advanced facilities by experienced and trained technicians. Our range also complies with international quality and design standards.

What is your USP?
Most low-cost players alter customer behavior permanently, getting people to accept fewer benefits at lower prices. Moreover, low-price warriors are aided by the fact that consumers are becoming cynical about brands and their quality, better informed because of internet, and more open to value-for-money offers.
We offer our clients- creatively designed and continually innovated products of a unique mix. Our range of Office Interior Designing Services is liked by the valuable clients. These Office Interior Designing Services enhance the look of office and help in maintaining the decorum of the office. Acquiring minimum cost maintenance and providing high sheen, our Office Interior Designing Services are rendered after exemplifying the precise area of the office. These Office Interior Designing Services are catered as per the budget of the clients. Elegance is visible with our range of Office Interior Designing Services.

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