Grundfos Lifting Stations

Grundfos Lifting Stations

‘All in one’ solution to handle black and grey wastewater

Grundfos Lifting Stations, Grey wastewater treatment

Lifting stations are used to pump wastewater or sewage, which is generated as a consequence of human activity. They are particularly useful in situations where traditional pumps or gravity doesn’t give a hand to manage or transfer waste water from basements, or for any applications where we have considerable volume of waste water to be transferred and that depends on frequency of usage.

In domestic buildings, lift stations gives home owners the flexibility to design their dream houses without having to worry about wastewater challenges. Challenges associated with wastewater gets amplified in the case of commercial buildings, like in the case of malls, hospitals, etc., which have significant amount of wastewater being generated from basements and areas in the buildings away from the drainage system.

Grundfos, a leading player in advanced pump solutions and water technology, has pioneered a range of innovative lifting solutions that caters to requirements in domestic and commercial buildings. These solutions are ‘all in one’ prefabricated solutions that can efficiently handle both black and grey wastewater. Its compact design allows the solution to be fitted in smaller spaces and offers protection from backflow. These solutions are fully automated and conduct their operations autonomously with minimal manual intervention or maintenance.

SOLOLIFT is primarily used in homes for macerating waste from the toilet. This waste is then transferred through a pipe to the drainage system. With the help of SOLOLIFT, home owners can now build a washroom anywhere in the home and dispose their wastewater efficiently without having to worry about the connection to drainage systems.

Features and benefits
• Robustness and operational reliability of the pumps
• Powerful motors with strong starting torque for professional cutter (WC-1, -3 and CWC-3)
• Hot water-resistant components up to 90°C for 30 minutes (C-3) and Pressure tight tanks withstanding up to 2,5m water column

• Extra bathrooms away from drainage system
• Backwater protection for sanitary appliances

Multilift solutions are pre-assembled with a controller, and are used in large homes and commercial buildings which have a significantly higher wastewater requirement. The solutions range from MSS units for homes to MD1 units for large buildings.

• Lightweight, pressure stable tank with a great capacity
• Powerful, energy-efficient pumps with intelligent controls
• Leakage and odour-free operations
• Clog-free vortex hydraulics
• Reliable, with fast and clean service

• Buildings with basements
• Septic tank drainage systems
• Buildings in hillside locations

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