Best-selling lighting products in the market

Best-selling lighting products in the market

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Fitted with three high-efficiency LEDs, Goldmedal’s lighting devices provide just the right amount of light to create a soothing yet energizing ambience. Futuristic in styling, their fittings bring alive the nook in corners in the rooms. Their Curve and Nixon are one of the highest selling variants in the lighting segment.

GM Modular 

Luminaries from GM Modular have one of the best thermal heat management system, light distribution and ensure minimum post-installation maintenance cost. The company’s G2020 slim led panel light is the world’s first LED with a wireless detachable driver with a push-in, pull-out design making the modular concept, first of its kind. The product’s strong and sturdy body made of aluminium imparts impeccable facets to the design and function. G2020 delivers high luminous efficacy that converts energy into light and has a high power factor.

Reining in on the ongoing trend, Philips’ PoE technology merges the lighting system with the IT system such that data can be delivered from the luminaries over a standard Ethernet cable. PoE or ‘Power over Ethernet’ enabled luminaries also incorporate Visible Light Communication (VLC) technology wherein the PoE luminaries continuously transmit their IP address at higher frequency, which, in turn, can be detected by a smartphone app, allowing for wireless controllability and personalisation of lights.


K-Lite has grown to be the leading manufacturer of outdoor luminaires and decorative poles. Its proven performance in the landscape segment is because of its ability to stylishly convey the identity of a space with a blend of efficiency and modularity. The company’s product range include: linear wall washer, up-down lighters, promenade lighting, bollards, under water lighting, post top luminaires, bulk heads, path finders, polar lighting and newly added series of facade lighting.

Opple’s LED Highbay Performer III is a progressive light that easily replaces the conventional high bays and saves up to 70% of the energy. It comes in a fin heat sink design that proves to be beneficial for good thermal control. One of its major features is its time span which is nearly 50,000 hours, i.e., five times longer than the metal halide bays.

On the other hand, LED EcoMax H Tube Module is a new technology that replaces the conventional fluorescent H-tubes. It’s an instant turn on LED light that produces 100% light instantaneously with 60% energy saving.


NTL’s Pharox GEN G9 retrofit LED Lamp(4w) is an ideal replacement of high energy consuming Halogen T4 G9 based lamp and is suitable for various applications like decorative pendants, display lighting & chandeliers. The lamp offers bright and crisp light in very compact profile, while minimising energy expenditure. It is low on maintenance and generates much lesser heat as compared to its halogen equivalent.

HPL has designed and developed a range of products with different combination of wattages. These products can also be used to enhance the interiors along with improve energy savings in commercial complexes, offices, shopping plazas, conference rooms, etc.

Simple installation, reliable quality, long lifespans and high lumen levels with simultaneously low power consumption and good price-performance ratios – these are the success factors of the ready-to-connect LED luminaires of the Ledvance brand, available to electrical contractors and lighting professionals. The downlights, COB spot range, and panel luminaires are some of their bestselling products in the portfolio.

Schneider Electric
Optimise energy consumption and improve the comfort and security of occupants - schedule lights to switch on/off by time slots, every day of the year with Schneider’s Scheduled Lighting systems.The easily programmable solutions allow one to minimise energy waste by adjusting lighting to opening hours, times of day, seasons, etc. With the help of time switches managers can accurately and automatically program the operation of heating, lighting, ventilation, access control, bells, roller blinds, stairs, etc.


Häfele’s new range of deep recessed adjustable focused downlights and spotlights fits seamlessly within ceilings, providing an energy-efficient lighting without any glare. The company’s ceiling light brands – Cosmo, Andro and Xing – come with the inherent benefits of LEDs such as durability, ant-glare feature, energy conservation and no emissions of harmful UV radiation.

Lutron’s Quantum Lighting Management System provide by ATPL employs a number of different strategies—including daylight control, occupant control, target set point control (light level tuning), time clock control, and emergency lighting control —to give building occupants maximum comfort, and to give business owners the flexibility to adapt their work environments to meet changing business requirements. Quantum also features software to control, monitor, and report on the lighting usage in the building

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