Rugs curated with waste plastic bottles

Rugs curated with waste plastic bottles

Enabling sustainable and eco-friendly living, Carpet Couture recently introduced PET-fibre rugs, made from waste platic bottles

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Carpet Couture, known for its plush custom-made carpets—wall-to-wall, loose rugs, and inset—designed by its in-house team of artisans, has recently launched outdoor rugs made of recycled plastic. This is a step towards sustainable living that saves natural resources and reduces the burden on the environment.

Carpet Couture's outdoor rugs curated with recycled plastic is tested 500 hrs in the sunlight for color fastening. This water-resistant rug is of excellent quality can be used for any purpose indoor or outdoor. These PET-fibre rugs are an emerging innovative and sustainable trend in home décor

PET-a fibre created by blending recycled polyester, can be used to create raw material for producing anything, from dishes to apparel to indoor and outdoor rugs.

Since the big selling points of indoor/outdoor rugs are their look, durability and washability, the new PET rugs manage to suffice all the aspects. Tightly woven with skill and precision, they are lightweight, substantial, soft and feel just like any other natural woven wool rug in a wide range of styles and colors. Besides the aesthetics, these rugs are sustainable, durable, stain-resistant and easy to maintain. Designed especially for outdoor purposes, the PET rugs are also the most practical and functional home décor necessity for the upcoming monsoon season. Here are some more benefits of this innovative yarn:

• Durable
• Water-resistance
• Lightweight 
• Easy to Maintain
• Saves power while manufacturing
• Saves natural resources (made of PET bottles, therefore, doesn't require petrochemical raw materials)
• The pricing of these rugs depends on the size of the rugs. Starting from rupees 350-400 per square feet for these rugs.

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