Pavilion by Sanjay Puri Architects

Pavilion by Sanjay Puri Architects

An attempt atredefinition, A Pavilion, an office structure at Surat, designed by Sanjay Puri Architects displays a myriad of personas within itself, exhibiting a perfect blend of great dynamism and elegance

Pavilion, Sanjay Puri Architects, Surat', Office building'

Of the various architectural typologies, office space design is the most prone to deviations in terms of sensibility and sensitivity. Premeditated with a lack of emotional attachment in the first place, it is calibrated with a certain formality in language and further strained by the pressures of productivity. As a result, office spaces prefer to be mute enclosures and seldom attempt to connect with or respond to its users or the activities it envelopes. In a scenario as this, illustrating an unrelenting intent in architectural ideology, A Pavilion, a housing development's sales office located in Surat, designed by Sanjay Puri Architects delivers a sophisticated expression with exemplary functionality.

The majestic built form of the trapezoidal structure exhibits expressive contemporary organisation with the promise of a steadfast commitment to its purpose. Perched on lush natural green carpet, the orientation of the building is prompted by the site - with the angular formed structure opening northwards through its glass enveloped facade and narrowing in towards the south to prevent heat gain into the building. Over the support mullions of the facade, levitates a giant skewed roof canopy that opens up the interiors to the landscaped court, under its massive height.
Large windows penetrate the building allowing adequate light and ventilation while the sloped projecting roof offers protection from tropical climatic elements ensuring that the glazing can be sufficiently utilised to reduce energy loads.The sparse but tasteful natural landscape highlights an underlying disciplinarian character that remains essential to workplace design. The overall composition of the structure with its seamless blend of stark planes, untainted transparent glass and the dramatic roof gives a preliminary impression of impenetrability. It appears as though the envelope intentionally receives the visitor in an almost detached manner to maintain the sincerity of an environment intended for work.

The shallow water body, parallel to the dramatic roof, borders the built form crafting an obscure continuity between the two planes.As one approaches the entrance of the office building, the realisation of refined minimalism flowing as an authoritative centrality makes an impression that carries itself throughout the experience.  There is complete elimination of the unnecessary in terms of space, elements and ornamentation, and pure sensory experience dominates.

The entry welcomes one into a heightened foyer with abundant tropical light filtering in through the transparent layer of glass. The transparency and openness in the layout unites the entire interior in a weave, establishing the idea of concord between the various spaces of organisation and passively contributing to productivity. The previous hesitance transforms into comfort and curiosity with the transparency of the glazed façade, welcoming the surrounding landscape to the interior and framing pleasant vistas of green to enhance the spatial construct of the sparsely furnished reception and lobby.

Be it the subtle privacy and formal discipline of the work areas promoting productivity or the comforting solace of the water body and landscape, the harmony imparted by the openness of the studio-format office imparts a range of sensations and in turn receives a variety of responses through its angular spatial form.Movement and occupation within the building further amplifies this intrinsic association, introducing the user as a component of this graceful continuity.The light fragile structure, enclosed by its glazed façade, forms an effortless connection to the water body,while the canopy above portrays a dynamic reflection created on its surface by the pool below.

Putting it rather simply, the design flow scripts a drama of assorted characters. The various spaces and elements act as obedient players of an effortlessly flowing experience, each portraying a unique personality capable of conversing with its user.

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