German brand JAB Furniture launches lounge chairs and sofas in India

German brand JAB Furniture launches lounge chairs and sofas in India

The new JAB range was launched by the German brand in association with P3 Architectural Solutions

JAB Furniture is a brand from Germany which provides total solutions of handmade sofa sets, chairs and dining sets with a choice of 33,000+ JAB fabrics which include various patterns like floral prints and ornament plus hundreds of choices from JAB Premium Natural Leather available at P3 Architectural Solutions in India. They are carefully coordinated and meticulously crafted to create unique pieces of furniture. One can bring one's dream floral print furniture to reality by choosing from over 1000 floral prints from JAB, including dark/light/multi-colour shades and floral patterns.

Highlights from the new range of lounge chairs and sofas introduced by JAB this season:

• Cube Lounge: This lounge chair is based on a unique staging concept that unites modern style, maximum flexibility and premium quality in an extraordinary way.

•  Inspiration: The product scores with its mixture of purism and comfort. Its strong look is drawn from the generous dimensions of the programme elements, which with their upholstered base and non-visible feet make an attractively grounded impression.

•  Amy: This is a delicate and light club chair which offers extreme comfort, enhanced by the loose cushion to support the lower back. The slim rounded chair back and elaborately crafted wooden frame underscore the quality of this elegant chair. Amy makes a striking impression both solo and when combined with cubic sofas.

• Fatony: The modular sofa system, designed by the team from GRAFT, provides an unlimited number of options. Ergonomic seating is ensured by the unusual construction technique.

• Polo Cocktail: With its decent measurements and masterly drapery at the back, Polo Cocktail cuts a good figure in every ambience. The round chair enriches the Polo family by a female variation, which brings a touch of elegance in an upholstered group. Used as a solitaire, Polo Cocktail makes a charming statement not only in a living room, but also in a waiting area or hotel lounge.\

JAB are classic manufacturers and their products are carefully hand-finished by master craftspeople – using traditional knowledge and an eye for detail. Their style is characterised by its timeless aesthetic, which is repeatedly refined in cooperation with well-known designers. The interplay of design and craftsmanship leads to the creation of fascinating furniture valued by their customers, often for several generations.

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