Hands launches new carpet collection - Lithology

Hands launches new carpet collection - Lithology

The contemporary hand-tufted carpets mimic the Earth's landforms through an interplay of pile height variations, colours, textures, backgrounds and craftsmanship

This new collection of carpet designs has its roots in the very essence of Earth. The collection artistically emulates Earth’s landforms through the infinite interplay of pile height variances, colours, textures, backgrounds and craftsmanship. Beautifully hand-tufted in 100% botanical silk, each carpet exudes a distinctive sheen and is a unique, elegant expression of luxury.

Carpets are interior fashion,'' says Ravi Patodia, managing director. “While our new collection is created around the latest design trends of the time, we pursue our own design language - which today is distinct and unique. We seek bold inspiration in the natural, the out worldly, and the sophisticated in our new collection.”

The collection is spread across nine sections (each with two or three colour variations):

- Delta (rust, gold, silver taupe)
- Osar (grey beige, rust)
- Alluvia (copper, blue)
- Onega (silver amber, taupe silver)
- Lagoon (amber taupe, turquoise)
- Lever (mauve, silver taupe)
- Spruce (charcoal rust. slate grey)
- Massif (grey taupe, grey gold)
- Arroyo (copper charcoal, blue, grey taupe)

Each carpet is designed to be aesthetically different. And is styled beautifully to enhance the environment it adorns.

As Deepankar Choudhary, director at Hands, likes to remind himself, “A carpet must do nothing less than enhance the environment it adorns and take the space to extraordinary expressions of elegance.”

A tuft of beauty: the hand tufted carpet
The hand-tufted carpet is woven by hand, using a tufting gun. Yarn is punched through a canvas - and the weaver follows the pattern, switching colours and even types of yarn as he moves on. The hand-eye coordination needed has often been compared to that of an impressionist artist. Pile heights can vary tremendously, based on the design; and sizes can go from a small-area rug to a wall-to-wall carpet for a ballroom in a palace. Tufting is also done with an unpowered instrument and requires firm hands, a steady temperament, and a skill that’s rare in these times. A hand-tufted rug can take weeks to complete.

About the company:

Founded in 1881, in Bhadohi near Varanasi, by A Tellery (a pioneer of Indian handmade carpets), the business passed on to the Patodia family some decades later. Now it is the second generation of Patodias who run the show.

Today, the brand is housed on some of the world’s most prestigious palaces, luxury hotels and residences. But the crowning glory lies in having crafted one of the world's finest hand-knotted carpets - with an incredible 4,900 knots per square inch! While the label caters to clients across the world, Hands showrooms are at Delhi, Mumbai and Dubai.

New Hands Collections are introduced every season. This time it is Lithology. There is also the bespoke design - completely custom-made, designed, sized and crafted around a unique, personal expression.

Exclusive stores:

Hands, 372-374, Sultanpur, Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, New Delhi 110 030
Phone: 011-26806475/8

Gala No. 32R/32H, Laxmi Industrial Estate, New Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai
Phone: 022 2632 0609

FZ-LLC, Ground Floor, Building 9, Dubai Design District, Dubai
Phone: +971 58 8250 464/ 574

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