Hafele launches new design showroom in Hyderabad

Hafele launches new design showroom in Hyderabad

The 8,000sq-ft space unites globally-acclaimed interior trends with innovative functionality through interactive and functional display settings

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Häfele, the international leader in Interior Functionality, has moved to its new, state-of-the-art design showroom in Hyderabad. The spacious, 8,000sq-ft showroom unites globally-acclaimed interior trends with innovative functionality through interactive and functional display settings; bringing every imaginable design to reality.

Dignitaries at the launch were Jayesh Ranjan, IAS member and principal secretary of Industries & Commerce (I&C) and Information Technology (IT) and renowned architect Nanda Kumar Birudavolu who inaugurated the showroom together with Jürgen Wolf (managing director, Hafele South Asia).

About the launch of the new showroom, Wolf said, "Hyderabad is one of our growing markets in India and, to  successfully cater to our customers, we felt the need to move to a bigger premises."

He further elaborated on the Häfele showroom concept: "Stylish Hardware Fittings that give you the best functionality for your individual application in your business or residence are hard to select from a catalogue; neither can they be imagined or assumed. This new Häfele Design Showroom has been designed to pick out the ideal design inspirations through live displays that allow you to experience the functionality of our products and solutions. Moreover, with increasing real estate prices and diminishing living spaces, the trend for innovative and space-saving interior solutions has gained popularity among city-dwellers. Häfele has closely observed this trend and put-together a range of the most space-optimising solutions with a continuing promise of 'More life per meter square‘. You will experience this first-hand when you see our intelligent showroom displays that efficiently manage space and functionality without compromising on comfort or design."

Häfele’s Design Showroom Concept:
Design concepts and ideas can be better understood when they are experienced in LIVE set-ups. This is the ideology that backs the company’s initiative of establishing state-of-the-art design showrooms; where customers can walk in and experience world-class functionality, seamlessly rooted in the latest global design trends. Häfele is a strong believer of the mantra ‘Form follows Function’. The trick is to combine Functionality with Aesthetics and make them work in unison. This is explicitly displayed in all their showrooms worldwide.

To this experience of functionality, Häfele adds a competent dimension of designing services for kitchens and wardrobes extended to customers by an expert team of designers who exclusively operate from the showrooms.

The typical layout of any of Häfele’s design showrooms includes real-time displays of the company’s product functionalities including a LIVE kitchen which is equipped with storage areas, appliances and other utilities.

New Inspirations:
Along with the many existing solutions that Hafele has to offer, the new showroom also showcases some of the company’s latest launches:
1. MAIN DOORS: You can now achieve the highest form of security for your homes by choosing 5 digitally-smart security features for your main doors that provide controlled access and unquestionable safety.
2. KITCHENS: To bring the much-needed ergonomic convenience to your kitchen, you can sift through 5 new innovations from Blum that will simplify your movements within the kitchen and pile away your storage neatly within defined cabinets.
3. BATHROOMS: Your bathrooms need the perfect shower units where you can spend the most sacred hours of your day with some unadulterated relaxation; their 5 new ideas for the perfect shower experience will give you this and much more.
4. FURNITURE UNITS: The furniture units in your living room, bedrooms and kitchen may look great with the different materials and dexterous skill used to create them; but Hafele’s smart furniture lights from the 5th Generation of Loox Lighting Systems can add the much-needed utility to the same piece of furniture.
5. And…the entire HOME: And finally, your home deserves the best of everything, but very often you feel inhibited to add more to your home due to space constraints; with Hafele’s 5 latest space optimisation ideas through some creative solutions from its (Space)2 range, you can now fit all that you want into your home and yet enjoy some extra space and freedom.

About Häfele:

Häfele Worldwide:
With its origin in 1923 in a small town named ‘Nagold’ from the Swabian region of Germany that nurses a passion for hardware technology, it is no surprise that Häfele has lived up to its roots through a successful presence in the architectural and furniture hardware industry for over 9 decades now. Today, Hafele’s worldwide penetration includes 38 subsidiaries across Europe, America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. With these subsidiaries and numerous other sales organisations, Häfele operates in over 150 countries. The Häfele headquarters, 4 manufacturing units and 10 sales offices are located within Germany; while 1 manufacturing unit is located at Budapest, Hungary. The company also owns one of the largest and most sophisticated warehouses in its home country. The Häfele worldwide workforce is empowered by a base of over 7,800 employees.

Häfele India:
Häfele India is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Häfele Global network and has been operating in India since 2003 under the leadership of Jürgen Wolf (managing director). The ability of the company to understand the diverse Indian market has made it an authority in the field of architectural hardware, furniture and kitchen fittings and accessories. The company also has a strong presence in synergised product categories - viz, Appliances, Lights, Sanitary and Surfaces catering to the focused demand from these industries.

The subsidiary has a strong nation-wide presence with offices in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Kolkata. It has full-scale operations in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh with regional offices and design showrooms in both the countries; and has also spread its sales operations to other countries in South Asia including Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives.

Häfele India services its customers with a base of 1,300 employees, a well-networked franchise base of over 130 shops along with over 3,000 dealers situated across South Asia. The subsidiary has a sophisticated Logistics centre in Mumbai along with distribution centres in Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Colombo respectively.

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