Forma by Hands is the season's most inspired range of carpets

Forma by Hands is the season's most inspired range of carpets

The contemporary hand tufted carpet range by the premium label comes in the most uncommon shapes and art-like woven designs

Shapes speak a language that has no singular translation. Inspired by this thought, the new Forma collection by Hands attempts to create an unconventional dialogue between the individual and the space, expressed through the reinterpretation of a typical form. Featuring twelve one-of-its-kind designs, each carpet is an elegant expression of luxury, brought alive through an infinite interplay of pile height variances, colours, textures, and patterns.

“The carpets break design tradition,” says Ravi Patodia, managing director, Hands. “These uncommon shapes explore the paradox between the formal and the informal, the obvious and the hidden. And alter the definition of a finite space, to make it about unusual possibilities.”

With this new collection, Hands has gone beyond construction, technique, colour, material and even design, to boldly play with the shape of a carpet, subsequently, adding a distinctive character to the space it adorns.

Patodia adds, “The beauty of these carpets lies in their indeterminate form that can hold different meanings to different people. Because of this, entering the room becomes synonymous with entering the art in the carpet itself - to discover where it takes you. Two people sharing the same space might not have the same visual or even emotional experience.”
The hand tufted carpets are woven in 100% bamboo silk. Each carpet is woven by hand - using a tufting gun. Yarn is punched through a backing material and the weaver follows the pattern, switching colours and even types of yarn as he moves on. The hand-eye coordination needed has often been compared to that of an impressionist artist. Pile heights can vary tremendously, based on the design, and sizes can go from a small-area rug to a wall-to-wall carpet for a ballroom in a palace. Tufting is also done with an unpowered instrument and requires firm hands, a steady temperament, and a skill that’s currently rare. A hand tufted rug can take weeks to complete.

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