Office furniture: Bestsellers by Godrej Interio

Office furniture: Bestsellers by Godrej Interio

Immerse Work Pod by Godrej Interio
Immerse Work Pod by Godrej Interio

Immerse Work Pod’ is a product that can addresses the need of personal space within an office environment. It’s designed to be a cocoon that lets one focus at work while making employees feel connected with the outside world through partial visual isolation.
Immerse pod is a product of extensive research on Indian culture, work patterns and privacy requirements. The pod is a workstation within itself with a comfortable seat for extended working hours, an optimum desk for laptop use, integrated power and USB direct charge, in addition to a dedicated space to keep a bag or some snack.

The CUE Work Lounge comprises of standalone horizontal and curved poufs, sofa sets and discussion carriages. Leaders and teams that push for collaboration and networking opportunities will love CUE. Versatile and inviting, CUE can be configured to create spaces for more involved engagements and informal discussions. These out-of-the-cubicle thinking areas can be easily integrated into any existing work zones.

Motion chair’s EasyFlex is an innovative system that enables the user to adopt dynamic body movements while seated. This flexibility, combined with an adjustable counter pressure, ensures optimal back support for the user, across a range of seated postures.
The unique flexing and springback motion of this chair is a result of an evolved design construction and hi-tech compounded engineering plastics. The seat and back of this chair are firmly connected to the base frame and are cantilevered in a way that allows multi-dimensional movement.

Loops’s generous waterfall radius on the top edge enhances comfort. It ensures optimum clearance between the knee and the seat.
The bowl-shaped bottom lets the user sway in all directions, aiding their need to adopt dynamic postures.

The best feature about Cradle is its bucket-shaped seating surface top that provides a large contact area for comfort and support. Its cradle-shaped bottom aids in rocking to and fro, while the strap along the centre acts as a handle for easy mobility.

Drift’s flat top and round edge is designed specifically to support freedom of movement. Its wooden base is attached with castors and can be moved around in all directions with ease.

Toggle’s bulbous top has a generous waterfall radius on the top edge that ensures optimal clearance between the seat and user’s knee. Its upper and bottom halves are connected with a spring which lets the user wobble in all directions while sitting.
The base is broad at the bottom for stability, while the narrower top allows the seat to move easily in all directions.

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