Apollo TriCoat launches Apollo Steel Plank- a new age steel product in India

Apollo TriCoat launches Apollo Steel Plank- a new age steel product in India

The best alternative to wood, Apollo Steel Plank comes in a wide range of choices to improve the aesthetic appeal of residential and commercial units

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Apollo TriCoat, a subsidiary of APL Apollo Tubes (APL Apollo) has unveiled its most inspiring new product ‘Apollo Steel Plank’. Meant for not just a better world but also for a better-looking world, Apollo Steel Plank has transformed the perception of planks from being unsafe to being secure and sturdy.

The best alternative to wood, Apollo Steel Plank product range is more durable, fire resistant, termite proof, eco-friendly and recyclable.

Hence the most exclusive product line is ideal to be used in various residential and commercial purposes as fencing, staircases, pergolas, gates, scaffoldings, porta cabin, benches, truck closures, rooftops, shelves as well as furniture.

Sanjay Gupta, CMD, APL Apollo, said, “Offering meticulous choices, Apollo Steel Planks have already started receiving enthusiastic responses from our valued customers. The new-age steel product, it’s also our contribution to the efforts against deforestations as it will diminish the trees being cut to make planks by replacing it with a better alternative – Apollo Steel Plank.”

The uses of Apollo Steel Planks are as versatile and diversified as their qualities. While Apollo Steel Planks give any fencing incomparable durability and strength, they also add a dash of style and classiness to the property. The stairs made of Apollo Steel Planks offer relief from the burden of renovation and care. Unlike conventional wooden shelves, the steel shelves made from Apollo Steel Planks are much durable, aesthetical and resistant to any kind of wear and tear. As the best substitute for wood, Apollo Steel Planks are excellent to be used in making aesthetically pleasing and sturdy furniture as well. The buyers can also customize their gates choosing from a wide range of beautiful designs made from Apollo Steel Planks. Moreover, Pergolas made from Apollo Steel Planks not only remain corrosion-free but also match the aesthetic taste of the consumers. In a nutshell, Apollo Steel Planks are now here to steal the show.

Offered in an attractive price range starting from Rs 50 per sq-ft onwards, Apollo Steel Planks are available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses.

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