AFC Systems: Partners in excellence

AFC Systems: Partners in excellence

Manoj Tomar, Founder, AFC Systems, explores the new technologies and systems that dominate offices today

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Leading modular furniture manufacturers, AFC Systems fuses technology with design while adopting best practices with innovation and creativity. With the eye on cost as a factor, the company delivers products that enhance a variety of decor and aid ergonomics with features such as space saving, longevity and aesthetics. The company’s Founder, Manoj Tomar shares insight into the technologies and systems used in offices.

How have workspace solutions adapted to the change in office environments?
“Links between finance and work efficiency, invention of smart technology, advancement in communication systems, etc, have created paths for designing agile, unique workspaces. Through half of this decade, we focused on sustainability and the impact technology has in an office without much emphasis on designing for people. Now, there’s a real focus on promoting collaboration, maximising human potential, creativity, performance and productivity in the modern office. The key principles of ‘lean enterprise’ (or ‘lean thinking’ as it is known) followed are:
• Define value from the customer’s perspective
• Identify internal activities and processes that add value for the customer as well as identify linkages between them (the ‘value chain’)
• Eliminate non-value added activities (or ‘waste’) across the organisation
• Reduce waste and inefficiencies in support (overhead) functions

These principles have enabled many organisations to respond more rapidly to the marketplace by reducing delivery time, developing mass customisation processes, and supporting continual change and innovation.”

What does creating value mean to AFC Systems?
“Creating a ‘unique’ product by choosing an attribute to focus on won’t always produce a competitive advantage through differentiation. If the buyer does not value what you are differentiating on, you still won’t create a successful product. You also need to create a premium product to justify commanding a price that exceeds the extra cost of manufacturing.”

What are the best ways to manage maintenance and functioning of an office facility after installation?
“Preventive maintenance, which is dependent on the cooperation of all stakeholders involved, is an important part of FM. The goal of such successful programmes is to establish consistent practices designed to improve the performance and safety of the property’s equipment. Moreover, planned maintenance of equipment will help improve its life and avoid any unplanned maintenance activity. Engineering managers must rely on the knowledge, ideas and contributions of all maintenance personnel at the property. At AFC, with the primary aim to deliver customer satisfaction, we undertake complete post-installation services required through a specific time frame.”

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