East India Hotel Corporate Headquarters by Architecture Discipline

East India Hotel Corporate Headquarters by Architecture Discipline

The social and collaborative spaces are the central focus of the open floor plan, arranged around a central glass courtyard, like a glass in a glass cell

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The East India Hotel Corporate headquarters, under the aegis of The Oberoi group brings together several of their offices onto a single location in suburban NCR. Located within the new Oberoi Office Tower, the 6000 sq. ft office development is an attempt to create the completely connected, corporate workplace.

The office features carefully formed physical spaces that are optimized for video conferences and online conversations, whilst enabling face-to-face connections. Designed around two core ideas, a flexible office area and the program specified spaces; the EIHQ is a smart workplace and has been designed to achieve LEED Platinum certification. 

Augmenting the same sensibilities of the brand and its character, adding a little sky thinking to the owner’s automobile enthusiasm, a piece of aviation history has been installed in the Managing Director’s office. The decommissioned aircraft Cessna’s 7m long wing has been turned into an eye-catching table top.

Pioneering the spirit of sophisticated corporate workspaces, the unobtrusive backdrop of tones of black, white and gray are muted with beige surfaces and red splashes- making the composition of spaces simple, cosmopolitan and utilitarian.

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