Momenti’s Covid-19 Security & Protection Shields

Momenti’s Covid-19 Security & Protection Shields

Momenti and its creative lab team has conceived and engineered unique panels/shields that can be used in all kinds of commercial businesses to aid social distancing in offices

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As the world gears up to get back to normal life amid the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, Momenti, the Italian custom design company has risen to the occasion to offer security and protection shields to its patrons. Renowned for its tailor-made designs for flooring to wall coverings, furniture to accessories and artworks, Momenti fuses creativity with practicality in the most aesthetically pleasing manner to yet again provide just what the world needs right now. They are brought to India by Ottimo.

A major design challenge today is social distancing. With these unique Covid-19 Emergency Security and Protection shields, Momenti solves the problem stylishly. In line with Momenti’s current mantra - “Distant but United” - Momenti and its creative lab team has conceived and engineered unique panels / shields that can be used in all kinds of commercial businesses –  supermarkets, shops, shopping centers, workplaces, hotels, gyms, fitness centres, museums, banks, office receptions, restaurants, beauty and hairdresser salons, and many more, where social distancing is needed.

Made of highly transparent material that is unbreakable, shockproof, and ideal for creating both flat and curved surfaces, the shields are stronger than glass and plexiglass. They can be arranged in various configurations based on the specific needs of a space and come with smart bases with panel locking plates. The shields and barriers are complemented with matching totem dispensers for hand sanitizer and gloves

These versatile, unbreakable, and high-resistance products can be customized with all 600 graphics from Momenti’s Crazy Paper and Crazy Paintings collections, created by world’s leading designers. The products can also be customized with your own high-resolution images.

So, “Distant but United” ¬– the thought behind these products, along with Momenti’s design and innovation, takes into account all necessary precautions and to allow you to carry out all the regular activities of a routine life. This simply demonstrates that through the crisis, the “Heart” of Momenti never stopped beating, it was planning for the future!

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