Automatic hand gel dispensers by Giobagnara

Automatic hand gel dispensers by Giobagnara

Giobagnara launches hand sanitizer dispensers brought to India by Sources Unlimited

Giobagnara, Hand sanitizer dispenser

Dressed with the finest Italian leather and boasting carefully crafted marquetry, this automatic touchless hand sanitizer dispenser with a capacity of 800ml is ideal for hotels, yachts, offices, shops, and interiors in general, especially the ones with potential high traffic areas. It helps maintaining a clean environment and reduces the spread of germs by offering easy access to hand sanitizer.

Equipped with removable Corian® drip tray, it works with 6 AA batteries. Metal pole available in two finishes: polished chrome and brushed bronze. Corian® is a highly resistant material, while the decorative leather cover is fixed on a safe area, which allows to avoid damage due to alcohol.

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