India’s first ever Diamond Technology to produce greenest cleaning, sanitisation & deodorisation solution using only tap water

India’s first ever Diamond Technology to produce greenest cleaning, sanitisation & deodorisation solution using only tap water

Products made out of a revolutionary technology Known as Conductive Diamond Electrolysis, which electrolyzes tap water to produce Activated Ozone water. Earth’s natural oxidizer kills 99.9% of the most common harmful microbes within 30 seconds resulting in germ-free and residue-free environment.

Harish HP, Founder & CEO of Diamond Drops.
Harish HP, Founder & CEO of Diamond Drops.

Diamond Drops, a new age startup has launched first of its kind revolutionary cleaning and sanitizing agent that is produced with tap water, is eco-friendly and residue free. This natural oxidiser which kills 99.9% of most common harmful microbes in just 30 seconds runs on a game changing technology called Conductive Diamond Electrolysis™, that uses normal tap water to produce Activated Ozone Water which is a natural germ killer. The products act as a multi-purpose solutions and can be utilized as cleaner, sanitizer and deodorizer.

Activated Ozone Water (AOW) is a product of water and electrical charge. The process creates one of the most powerful oxidizers on the planet, revolutionizing the way people clean, sanitise and deodorising the spaces. Using Activated Ozone Water (AOW) not only eliminates the need to use harsh chemicals, it also eliminates the need to purchase multiple cleaning products.

Announcing the launch of this path breaking offering, Harish HP, Founder & CEO of Diamond Drops, said, “This is a very proud moment for us and we are very excited to launch this advanced technology that can create products with real impact. Through our technology, the sanitizing solution produced will have zero harsh chemicals, making it safer for people to use. As the solution is non-synthetic and bio-degradable, this makes the product more sustainable and environment friendly. Given the Covid-19 crisis where cleaning and sanitization is of high priority,we have achieved 99.9% virus reduction within 30 seconds against the commercial testing surrogate for Human Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes CoVid-19 disease). This was tested scientifically and validated by independent experts at accredited laboratories. We believe that our technology will redefine human way of cleaning and sanitisation.”

This small, portable spraying device can kill microbes present in any living space effectively. It will practically replace all other cleaning agents such as surface cleaner, fruit, vegetable, meat and fish cleanser, sanitizer and deodorizer to clean smelly objects like shoes and as a general disinfectant for any other object that might contain germs. The product’s life lasts up to 5000 refills and beyond. It also has an LED indicator to notify when the bottle is producing aqueous ozone or when it needs to be charged. Needless to say, this novel method is food-safe, child-safe, pet safe and eliminates the need to clean your house with chemicals that aren’t healthy. The company also has separate product for institutional usage and ideal for Homes, offices, hospitals, restaurants, schools, malls, mass transit etc and will be available at the company’s website –

The coronavirus pandemic is altering every aspect of how we live. Beyond design and space, cleanliness is now paramount. However, the use of toxic cleaners and disinfectants at home is causing plethora of skin infections, respiratory problems and secondly, the sheer number of plastic bottles bought, used and thrown every year is a serious concern. It’s just a myth that technology and nature can’t walk parallel. We need to incorporate a quick shift from chemical-based cleaners to truly natural cleaners that are safe and responsible. This activated ozone water will be a one stop solution for all such issues” added Harish.

The company is debuting this environmental friendly solution after intensive research on Conductive Diamond Electrolysis (CDE™), that can now positively disrupt the rules of the sanitizing industry and help in leading a sustainable lifestyle.

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