SKCL office designed by Ark & Arts

SKCL office designed by Ark & Arts

SKCL Wealth Management’s modern office is designed by Ark & Arts to balance functionality and practicality

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A boutique investment management firm present in India, Southeast Asia and UAE, SKCL Wealth Management offers financial planning services. Its newest branch office on Kolkata’s Camac Street spans 1,573sqft and is designed by Ankita Baid’s design firm Ark & Arts.

The office features open as well as closed spaces that makes it a dynamic and inspiring workplace. A variety of different work settings such as executive spaces, general workstations, common staff areas and conference rooms accommodate a number of functions and official needs. In its design, the company’s open and collaborative work style becomes evident.

SKCL Office

Done up in woods and whites, the office evokes the ideal combination of simplicity and class. The elements create a clean and uncomplicated design, while the sharp, sleek office in pristine office lends a minimal and modern effect.

The reception is dressed in brown veneer cladded walls and complemented by a black leather-finished granite floor. A white-grey Corian reception desk and an upholstered wooden sofa lend sophistication to the space. Beyond it lies the conference room and the open-plan workspace.

This central zone serves as an axial meeting point for exchange, interaction and collaboration. It houses an eight-seater workstation that is placed centrally and is connected to two freestanding pillars into one organic unit. A cluster of three pendant lights, coated in black, are suspended right above the long white Corian workstation in a wooden environment, tying the space with a high-contrast, monochromatic scheme.

SKCL Office

A number of private chambers and specific work-oriented rooms flank the hallway that surrounds the central zone. Among these offices are the director’s and senior executive’s chambers, which have been segregated by using darker flooring and transparent glass partitions with black metal frames — in contrast to the central zone’s white and brown decor scheme. The chambers are done up in shades of brown with slight hints of white on furniture, grey upholstery, wood-finished wall panelling and sleek black hardware. Meanwhile, the work-oriented private rooms enable agile and efficient working. They have been specifically designed to provide a retreat for the staff to take calls, video conferences, manage accounts or simply concentrate in private.

The conference room has a warm ambience that is toned down with the help of beige-shaded, jute-finished wallpaper along with a white ceiling and window frames. The eight-seater table has been customised using a black metal frame structure and is topped with wooden planks.

SKCL Office

All the different spaces of the office are defined by an architectural design that resonates a strong sense of urbanity and poise. Establishing a strong image in the business also helps the brand attract customers, employees and other stakeholders; and for the same, SKCL had concentrated on the value of the new work environment’s impact on work processes and productivity. The resulting office design is a modern space that perfectly balances the functional and practical considerations of the brand with an elegant aesthetic.

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