CMRU Admin and Academic Block by M9 Design Studio

CMRU Admin and Academic Block by M9 Design Studio

The building is a prefabricated steel structure, which was designed and assembled onsite with an aim to help achieve accuracy within tight deadlines fo the project

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Located within the sprawling 60-arce campus of CMR’s main university campus in Bengaluru, this block caters to two important requirements — firstly, to be completed within the minimum possible time-line, and secondly, to make the structure adaptable for future additions and expansion.

Jesal Pathak and Nischal Abhaykumar of M9 Design Studio.

A prefabricated steel structure was designed and assembled onsite, which helped achieve accuracy within tight deadlines and did not compromise on the quality of construction. The block’s plan is simple and linear. Classrooms are aligned on the north and south sides and overlook a natural landscape, while service areas are present on the east and west sides.

The double-heighted centre of the building, which is visible from the entrance, is supported by deck slabs with in-between walls being non-load bearing. This core incorporates vertical circulation, owing to staircases and bridges that connect corridors, and is used as a gathering space by students. In this internal open space, a structural element termed ‘the knowledge tree’ seemingly supports the staircase and bridge. Its sleek steel arboreal branches lend a sense of lightness to the block.

Cross ventilation zones have been designed using large ribbon windows throughout the building to avoid a heat buildup. Thin slits between the service end and the classrooms blow the wind into the court area and louvre panels at the terrace level to rid the space of hot air. This ensures the court is cool throughout the year.

The facade is designed to allow unobstructed hill views from the classrooms as well as act as a sun-shading element. This double skin further aids in keeping the building cooler and avoids rainwater splashing in during the monsoon. The uniform colour palette running through the block with green foliage makes a striking statement against the natural geography of the site.

Project information: 

Project name: CMRU Admin and Academic Block
Location: Bengaluru, India
Completion date: March 2015
Client: CMR Group of Institutions
Climate: Moderate
• Structure: Integrated Structural Associates
• MEP: Electomac Consultants
• Civil: Cicon Engineers
Photographer: Shamanth Patil

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