Essilor India HQ by Sankalpan

Essilor India HQ by Sankalpan

Essilor’s new headquarters at Bengaluru reflects the brand’s global spirit and engages employees to render their best performance

Sankalpan, Essilor India, Bangalore

Eyewear specialists Essilor India’s new Bengaluru office, with the help of the design team at Sankalpan, reflects the company’s sophisticated nature. Founded in 1849 in Paris, the French establishment’s historic focus on excellence — innovation, partnerships, international openness, entrepreneurial spirit and human values — remains a part of its culture to this day.

To resonate with this, the design team at Sankalpan conceptualised a minimalistic space that’s best described as free from visual and directional clutter. Sankalpan focused on creating a quality space that is lively and comfortable, while being more open and collaborative. Within, different spaces were designed to introduce the staff to a more agile environment and help employees take steps towards a more active work routine; to move around and work together. Throughout the office, muted colours and organic textures enhance the spatial experience, starting from the reception area.

Sankalpan’s executive director, Sumita Sundaram.

Raw concrete finish, paired with veneer, marble and warm lighting creates an inviting ambience in the reception. The main work area presents itself like an open, free-flowing space interjected with workstations underpinned towards the centre of the floor space. Sudden introduction of collaborative areas in the open plan emphasises a change in the use of space and breaks the monotony. Meanwhile, meeting rooms and dedicated cabins allow for privacy while still utilising natural light.

For ease of accessibility and ample utilisation, several collaboration zones are designed across the floor, and marked with wooden finish baffles in the ceiling and a green carpet to tailor a visual distinction from the workstations. These spaces offer a variety of settings for informal discussions, team huddles, short colloquies, etc, that enhance productivity.

A detailed combination of formal and informal enclosed spaces is included to cater to various occupancy and functional needs. Meeting rooms of various sizes, informal closed lounges, dedicated and common cabins, phone booths, etc, can be used interchangeably for meetings, quiet focused work, personal phone calls, brainstorming sessions and more.

The cafeteria and the training room are placed centrally for ease of access; they can also be pooled together to accommodate larger gatherings. Additionally, a small gymnasium with a view of the green city caters to fitness-conscious employees.

Since Sankalpan was commissioned for Design and Build services, the projects team worked with the design cell from the outset of the project, deliberating on all the details, materials, finishes and services since the beginning. The render-to-reality transition of the office space was well meditated, with all risks analysed and mitigated ahead of time.

The Essilor office is located in a building that enjoys spectacular panoramic views of the Bangalore golf course, and the office’s design is mindfully kept away from windows to allow employees to take utmost advantage of the vistas.

Fact file:
Client: Essilor India
Project: Essilor India HQ
Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka
Architects: Sankalpan, Bengaluru Studio
Design team: Sankalpan’s executive director Sumita Sundaram; Associate director design Sarla Rao
Size: 19,575sq-ft
Photography: Prashant Bhat Photography

Material specifications:
Carpet: Interflor
Workstation: Fuego
Chairs: Featherlite
Glass partitions: Deko
Textured paint: Armacoat
Soft seating: Studio 19

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