Star India's Bengaluru office by VPCPL

Star India's Bengaluru office by VPCPL

Through a clever mix of alternating linear and circular workstations, the open layout of the Star India's office avoids rigid monotony while creating interest and aesthetic appeal

Star TV office, Kartik Punjabi, VPCL
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VPCPL, co-located in Mumbai and Bengaluru, managed the requirements of the client, right from site selection — a 42,000sq-ft space at Bagmane Tech Park that was to be designed into a modern media haven. The design had to take into consideration three distinct areas of the business — studio areas dedicated to editing, preview and production; the main office of all Star Regional Channels; and finally, the most recent addition to their portfolio, the Hot Star office. From purely functional spaces to creating a whole new identity (adding the Hot Star section in the premises), the concept meets various requirements.

Through a clever mix of alternating linear and circular workstations, the open layout avoids rigid monotony while creating interest and aesthetic appeal. The workstations are defined by overhead light fittings, hanging from an industrial-style open ceiling and mimicking the layout and creating a distinct pattern on the ceiling. The work bays have good natural light, with most enclosed rooms like cabins spread across the floor.

Different styles of collaborative spaces are interspersed on the work floor. Colourful lounge chairs, swings, circular seating bays, stepped arena and semi-enclosed meeting spaces function as the go-to relaxation and interaction hubs. Innovative screens like coloured glass partition and spherical enclosures around a meeting room add an element of intrigue in the design. To further distinguish these zones, the ceilings are treated differently and enhanced by suspended light fixtures.

The Hot Star division sits in an expanse of 8,000sq-ft with only 80 linear workstations. The brief for this particular section was to create a trendy, out-of-the-box office, packed with interactive spaces that encourage creativity, teamwork and fun. It turned out to be the most creative zone, where the young team can work effectively in an informal setting, breaking all conventions of office design. The space was planned to never be the same at any given moment of time, with numerous options available to perform similar tasks. So, a myriad of light fittings are used in different shapes, following the design pattern in circles, rings and amoebas.

Connecting all these sub-divisions is the main reception, which serves as the common entry point. It was designed as a large welcoming space with video wall, lacquered glass panelling and Italian marble flooring. The entire office was planned on a raised floor to give the client flexibility with regards to cable management and seating arrangements. It also helped reduce the construction time, as it prevented the design-build from chasing of the PCC Floor to take raceways within it. The tech areas are set apart with restricted access and planned with sound-proof partitions and acoustical doors, ceiling and floors, all designed for a 55db level.

Given the scope of work, it was a challenge to complete the project in a tight schedule — within 60 days. Besides considering the strict acoustical requirement of the tech rooms, a significant challenge was strengthening the slab of the UPS/server areas. It was overcome by strengthening it from the floor below, while the construction was ongoing on the top floor. The floor slab had undulations and screed had to be removed in pockets to maintain uniform false floor level of 100 mm. This helped save time as the need for conventional methods such as cutting the floor for cable management was nullified.

The project execution was accelerated because some design elements were chosen to be fabricated offsite, while other processes continued on-site. Most finishing items were factory-made like panelling, ceiling drops, breakout screens, etc. All these challenges were overcome through effective communication between design team, client, PMC and contractors and execution team of VPCPL.

Project information:
Project: Star TV office
Location: Bagmane Tech Park, Bengaluru
Client: Star India
Architect: Kartik Punjabi of VPCPL
Design team: Mahesh Babaria, Pankaj Kadwaikar, Praveena Chandapur
Project area: 42,000sq-ft
Civil contractors: Artizen Interiors
Carpentry contractors: Artizen Interiors
Project estimate: INR 13.62 crore

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