Why Standard Chartered Bank's office is called 'The Workplace of Choice'

Why Standard Chartered Bank's office is called 'The Workplace of Choice'

Standard Chartered Bank Global Business Services' office in Bengaluru uses latest technologies and practices in data, robotics and software development.

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The Standard Chartered Bank Global Business Services (GBS) in Bengaluru has not only scaled SCB’s operations and capabilities but led to an inviting work culture. The multimillion dollar, state-of-the-art complex is located at RMZ Ecoworld. It occupies 43,000 sqm and accommodates upwards of 19,000 employees.

The centre uses latest technologies and practices in data, robotics and software development. It also houses the bank’s global centres of excellence in specialised areas such as data analytics, software development, anti-money laundering, financial crime surveillance and financial control.

The design reflects this dynamic activity and provides a balance between the intense work and the need to rejuvenate. Designers at Bengaluru’s M Moser, who were commissioned this project, chose ‘street culture’ as a design concept. “Street culture thrives in urban centres such as New York, Barcelona, Berlin, London and Sydney.

It is modern, always pushing the limits, be it fashion, art, design, music or sports. It is the creative force in the city. It will forge community between disparate worlds, bringing together all facets of urban life,” the designers share.

A level of standardisation in design is also followed: The workplace is built with an innovative floor plan such that it fosters a collaborative environment. At the same time, it stays true to SCB standards. The building blocks are split into three categories – Task, Hub and Support zones. An agile and multifaceted workspace covers two floors and experiments with a balanced array of tactile materials.

Visually striking carpets, patterned, suspended ceiling designs and comfortable modular seating lend a youthful vibe to the space. Focus or meeting points are enveloped within Task Zones through phone booths and focus pods for individual work. Auxiliary Task Zones complement the setup and respond to peripheral functions of this zone by providing Meeting Rooms and Open Collab areas in common areas.

IT facilities such as the Data Centre and UPS Battery rooms are located in the Hub Zone, near common entry points of the floorplate to facilitate organic movement. It includes spaces such as VC Meeting, Utility Area, and Open Informal Collab (Social Hub). These are considered main destination zones for meetings and social activities. They are designed using murals, graphics and vertical planters and bold coloured furniture.

“Striking murals, created by locally commissioned graffiti artists, augment the space’s overall street culture theme,” point out the designers.

From an operations point of view, the GBS centre is a robust system ensuring efficiency on many fronts. Smart AHUs, VRV HVAC System, upgraded STP capacity, equipment’s optimised under LCR, solar panels, waste composter machines, renewable wind energy to waterless urinals — are some ways in which the office functions responsibly.

These measures have resulting in 13.5% energy savings (compared to 2017), 2,270 tonne reduction in carbon emissions, 7% water savings (compared to 2017), and generating annual renewable energy units around 83 lakh. The composter machines are transforming organic waste into 15 tonnes of manure that is supplied to an NGO and used for cultivation.

This office celebrates its design achievements, its flexible, hybrid work areas, its collaborative design language and its social zones. No wonder it is called “The Workplace of Choice”.

Project: Standard Chartered Ecoworld – GBS 
Location: RMZ Ecoworld, Bengaluru
Architect: M Moser Associates
Design team: Antonis Panayides, Brian Pilley, Ananth Kalburgi, Saleem Ahmed
Project area: 149,907 sqft
Civil contractors: Artizen Interiors
Initiation: March 2018
Completion: September 2018

Materials and suppliers
HVAC: VRV System
Aluminium: Jeb aluminium sections (interior material)
Glass: Jeb Glass System
Paints: Asian Paints
Steel: Jindal
Cement: L&T 
Lighting: Wipro
Flooring: Granite Stone & Carpet (interface)
Bath fittings: Kohler, Jaguar
Security systems: Chub Alba

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