GE Digital Bengaluru office by RC Architecture

GE Digital Bengaluru office by RC Architecture

A glimpse into the conceptualisation and design of GE Digital Bengaluru office, executed by Cherry Hill Interiors

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More and more companies are realising the real impact workplace design has on productivity and a company’s bottom line. Hence, when GE planned to consolidate its offices and conceive a new facility for the newly formed GE Digital division, the company emphasised the importance of activity-based working, where people can choose where and how they work from depending on the task and their individual work style. GE wanted the office to deliver an elevated experience of work for people, and help them achieve its strategic goals.

As specialists in LEED-certified corporate interiors and workspaces, the execution of this detailed and strategic design for the office was entrusted with Cherry Hill Interiors. Designed by RC Architecture, the project created a ‘living office’ with a high-performing workspace epitomising the company’s vision and journey forward. Recognising its inherent potential, the GE Digital Bengaluru office has been ranked as the world’s #1 office on the annual ‘Top 25 Most Popular Offices of 2017’ by global resource of office design, Office Snapshots.\

Speaking on the prestigious achievement, Rahul Bhat, MD, Cherry Hill Interiors, says, “This re-affirms superior quality and great finesse that exceeds international standards.” And this is evident as you walk through the office space. When it comes to design development, RC Architecture adhered to current trends of office design. Understanding and acting upon the importance of the ever evolving dynamics was crucial. With more people retiring later and more Gen-Z employees starting their careers, it’s important that the workplace be increasingly cross-generational.

Design strategies today are aimed to attract younger age groups, however, RC Architecture recognised the importance of understanding that different generations have plenty in common and that bringing these people together, each with their own experience and skills, is beneficial for organisations. Therefore, more focus was laid on factors that appeal to all employees and provide settings for different work-styles no matter the generation. It is this central concept that has been the focal point around which the entire spatial planning and zoning of spaces has been worked on and achieved successfully.

The 20,000sqm office, spread over seven floors accommodates GE Digital’s 1,500-plus employees in a space that has been designed to inculcate creativity and promote a fun and learning environment. It has different work environments from collaborative settings to individual spaces with designated zones called the living rooms. Taking off from GE’s learning that collaborative areas worked well, when the group had a sense of privacy, the new office was given movable privacy screens and mobile writing boards to achieve desired levels of privacy.

The dynamism of ‘urban grunge’ is achieved by high contrast in all design elements — from material selection, workplaces, lighting and ceilings to the flooring. The result was truly dynamic. The planning principles, the collaborative settings and the design language all came together to create a space that was future trending. This efficient workplace brings together a number of factors — inclusion of latest technological advances in office design; concepts of adaptable workstations and other furniture; impact of providing privacy in personal and collaborative spaces; and incorporation of interactive social spaces.

Project: GE Digital Office
Location: Bengaluru
Main Contractor: Cherry Hill Interiors
Architect: RC Architecture
Project area: 20,000sqm

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