How an office space can push the boundaries of intelligent design

How an office space can push the boundaries of intelligent design

Ramesh Subramaniam, director for International Design at M Moser Associates explains why the hexagon is a pivotal design element in Titan’s Bengaluru-based HQ

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Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

A brand’s identity is deeply ingrained in its work culture as well. If innovation is valued, it will be seen in the workplace. If the brand is constantly aiming for excellence, its office will be just as exemplary. Titan’s Bengaluru office is testament to this fact. Designed by M Moser Associates, the new HQ speaks to the highest global standards in innovative design as well as sustainability. It pushes the boundaries of intelligent design, while making a mark in the world of transformative workspaces.

For the design team, it was essential to first understand the company’s work ethic before going to the drawing board. Their main reference was Titan’s key business objectives and people-centric focus, highlighted by its MD Bhaskar Bhat. “We create elevating experiences for customers and significantly impact the world we work in. We do so through a pioneering spirit and a caring, value-driven culture that fosters innovation, drives performance and ensures the highest global standards in everything we do.” In the formation of Titan’s design scheme, interactive workshops, interviews and focus group activities were critical in encapsulating the company’s vision. Titan’s corporate values also played a significant role in determining the overall design language for the new campus, including total customer orientation, employee appreciation, performance culture and teamwork, creativity and innovation, passion for excellence and corporate citizenship.

The company’s mission was placed at the forefront of the design and in doing so M Moser were able to design an office that values productivity and embraces flexible work settings. A healthy blend of formal and informal spaces ensues as the lines between hospitality and work environment are blurred. Spacious volumes — witnessed almost in every part of the office — make the work environment conducive for innovation and excellence. There is also an emphasis on “flat hierarchy” system, with managers seated alongside their team(s).

Ramesh Subramaniam, director for International Design, M Moser Associates

Ramesh Subramaniam, director for International Design, revealed the design inspiration: “We took the six values and translated them into something tangible, forming the basis of the design language, which, in this case, is the defined form of a hexagon. It became the representative element connecting various spaces. This created a symbiotic relationship between built architecture and the collaborative workspaces within.”

As the metaphorical inspiration, hexagons became integral to the design narrative. Workspaces, for one, are defined by an overhead hexagonal lighting feature in the exposed ceiling. They subtly group the space into units and act as a reminder of the company’s values. Hexagonal prints are evident on the carpets as well, while the enclosed nature of the pattern can be witnessed in the zoning as well as the circulation of the office.

In the sea of workstations, supporting areas like meeting rooms, quiet rooms and cabins are interspersed as islands in the office. This breaks the monotony of the work settings as well as enables easy access to a mix of functional spaces. Here, colourful textures define and demarcate various departments, while also lending a homely character. Timber is used for added texture and warmth. The highlight, though, is how most spaces enjoy natural light in a generous fashion, which reinforces the synergy between the interior and exterior.

Creating an effective lighting strategy is just as essential to ensure maximum comfort levels for employees. Instead of grid-style illumination, downlights are strewn across the ceiling such that they adapt to the building’s unique shape as well as easily reach over workstations. The exposed ceiling ensures the office enjoys maximum height while it also creates a stronger connection with the verandahs and outdoor environment. Ceiling fans are added for free movement of natural air, thereby discounting the need for air-conditioning and creating an ambient temperature throughout the workspace.

Green interventions are another hallmark of this project. In order to reduce the project’s carbon footprint, local, sustainable materials are used liberally throughout the office, which also facilitates proximity to nature. As a testament to the sustainable relationship between the building and the environment, the atrium spaces are a celebration of light and colours that depict nature. Sunlight is given an uninterrupted pathway from the skylight above to flood the atrium in natural light. The inculcation of soft blue hues and highlights of yellow and green completes the portrayal of the sky, trees and the sun breaking through.

Given Titan’s association with jewellery, it was imperative that the HQ create a symbolic narrative within its wall. And so, the “Jewel Box” was born. The ‘box’ is enveloped in glass and rests over still water. It is an innovative lounge and meeting spaces that function as an inviting and hospitable area overlooking a scenic landscape. The Jewel Box also houses the MD’s office, which is an inviting space with a clear glass exterior wall, with an unobstructed view of the lake and the surrounding edifice. The interiors are sophisticated, defined mainly by the use of stronger colour tones such deep blues and browns.

M Moser Associates expertise in strategy, design thinking, sustainability and wellness, interior design and project leadership ensured that Titan’s new HQ truly exemplifies the brand. But, above all, it creates a haven for employees to continue to take the brand to newer heights.

Project Information:
Project: Titan corporate office “Integrity”
Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka
Client: Mr. Bhaskar Bhat, Managing Director, Titan Company Limited
Architect: M Moser Associates
Design team:

  • BrianPilley (Project Director)
  • Ramesh Subramanium (Concept director)
  • Reema Bhandari (Project leader)
  • Choy Tan, (Concept designer)
  • Haryo Seno (Concept designer)
  • Ananth Kalburgi (designer)
  • Sathya Prakash (designer)
  • Satish Babu (designer)
  • Rakshitha (designer)

Project Area: 210,000 usable sq. ft.
Base Build Architects: Mindspace Architects
Civil Contractors: KNK Construction
Photography credits: Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

Material information:
Carpets - Shaw industries
Chairs and workstations - Steelcase, Godrej, Featherlite
Loose furniture – AKFD, Dream seats, Six inch
Lighting -  Studio Plus, Purple Turtle, Chandra Lamps
Elevator company – Thyssen krup
HVAC – LG, ambassador
Glass – Saint Gobain
Paints – Asian Paints
Bath fittings - Kohler
Security systems - Secutec

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