Maker Maxity, BKC-Mumbai, by Morphogenesis

Maker Maxity, BKC-Mumbai, by Morphogenesis

As the first project to come up in this area, Morphogenesis considered it important to make the placemaking exercise almost take precedence over the building exercise.

Maker Maxity, Mumbai-, Bandra Kurla Complex, Commercial architecture, Morphogenesis

Designed almost two decades ago, Maker Maxity is a sprawling, 20 acre property at the mouth of Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai. It is a mixed-use commercial development, comprising five commercial towers. The site was a drive-in theatre that’s been defunct since the late 90s. As the first project to come up in this area, Morphogenesis considered it important to make the placemaking exercise almost take precedence over the building exercise. It was envisioned as a large integrated complex to revive public space and create ‘a microcosm of a city within-a-city’.

The campus was divided into three phases with the institutional and office hub coming up first. Morphogenesis used these blocks to define the front to establish public presence. Over the last few years, after tremendous success and the validation of its placemaking exercise, phase-2 and phase-3 are now under construction. This commercial success validated the early design decision of not treating each building as a self-contained plot with its own set of services but actually converting the entire project into an urban placemaking exercise with no boundaries.

The landscape played a tremendous role — carefully detailed water curtains and pergolas have almost made cars a non-entity, creating a sense of an entirely pedestrian campus. A large number of public amenities such as cafes, gyms and art galleries on the ground level have also enhanced the environment. This has resulted in increased public engagement and presence throughout the day. Wi-Fi enablement and installation of an outdoor and indoor public art collection across the campus and lobbies has further augmented the placemaking exercise, making Maker Maxity a robust, thriving and learning environment.

Mumbai experiences torrential rains during monsoons, which hampers basic municipal services and severely affects the way of life. So, a strong disaster and flood mitigation strategy was incorporated into the architectural design by Morphogenesis. Combining data from high tide levels, data on the maximum rainfall received and the displacement water from the catch basins of BKC were studied. The result was that the entire datum of the site was designed to be one metre above that level. Exposed storm water drains run along the site with sluice gates (like in a dam), where they exit the site. In case of a flood, those are shut to allow the water to exit the site. The validity of the design innovation was proven soon after completion, when Maker Maxity was the only site in the region that stayed dry during flooding.

Project Information

Typology: Commercial
Location: Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai,
Client: Maker Developments
Built-up Area: 10,76,000sqft
Site area: 20 acres
Climate: Warm-Humid
Structure: Sterling Engineering Consultancy Services   HVAC: Spectrum Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Plumbing: Spectrum Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Electrical: Spectrum Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Landscape: Integral Design and One Degree North
Fire Fighting: Spectrum Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Photographers: Maker Maxity

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