Surat Diamond Bourse by Morphogenesis

Surat Diamond Bourse by Morphogenesis

More than 92% of the world’s diamond pieces are cut in Surat, contributing to about 80% of India’s annual diamond export that amounts to Rs. 70,000 crores.

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Morphogenesis is proud to have won the competition and to be executing the world’s largest building. India gives shine to 85% of the rough diamonds sold globally, and Surat being the capital of this trade. With a built-up area of 65 lakh square feet, the Surat Diamond Bourse is set to be the world’s single largest commercial office building. It will accommodate over 4,500 offices of diamond traders, aspiring to become the centre of the international diamond trade.

The design brief called for the provision of a single function office to accommodate the local industry. More than 92% of the world’s diamond pieces are cut in Surat, contributing to about 80% of India’s annual diamond export that amounts to Rs. 70,000 crores. Currently, there is a large population that travels daily between Surat and Mumbai to trade. The upcoming bourse aims to centralise all activities of cutting, polishing and trading in Surat.

For a single building of this scale, movement patterns, nature of the trade and human interaction became key design parameters. The challenge was to enable easy navigation for large volumes of people within trading time. Multiple vertical circulation nodes such as staircases and elevators across each floor have been placed within one-minute walking distances of each other. This would enable over 65,000 people daily to reach their respective offices in under seven minutes from the point of entry into the complex, including high level security checks. Traffic studies, ingress and egress points, and juxtaposition of various functions with different types of people — all played an extensive role in the plan.

The building is planned along a central axis that’s aligned with prevalent wind direction. The North-South oriented towers provide glare-free, daylit offices, accommodating functions of trading and selling of diamonds, customs, etc. The central spine is used for interconnection between towers on every level. The building form aims at maximising the potential of self-shading, thereby reducing dependency on other forms of cooling. Forty percent of the total area is controlled by radiant cooling; making it the largest installation of its kind across the globe.

The central axis connecting all the offices is designed as an interactive hub comprising of break-out spaces and green atria. These not only act as the lungs of the building but also address the chance, interaction and transactional nature of business. Outdoor spaces have been designed in the form of nine courtyards to foster social cohesion and community engagement. The use of dense vegetation within these courtyards have psychological advantages, improve air quality and provide thermal comfort as well as socio-cultural event spaces.

This campus aims to integrate the demands of high-density commercial architecture and an efficient climate-responsive design. It will be equipped with state-of-the-art amenities — safe deposit vaults, customs clearance house, world standard convention centre, exhibition centers, training centers, entertainment areas, restaurants and a club. The bourse is located at the large central business district and is to be the incubator of attracting regional development with allied civic amenities. Currently, the diamond industry in Gujarat employs more than seven lakh people, most of whom are based in Surat. Once completed, this bourse is estimated to provide employment opportunities to lakhs of people and generate tourism in the area, boosting the region’s economy and pushing Surat to becoming the world’s largest diamond trading hub.\

Project Information

Project Name:  Surat Diamond Bourse
Typology: Office
Location: Surat, Gujarat
Status: In progress
Client: Surat Diamond Bourse
Built-up Area: 65,00,000 Sq.Ft.
Site area: 35.5 Acres
Climate: Composite
Consultants :
Civil & Structural: JW Consultants LLP
PMC: Masters
Vertical transport: TAK Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Traffic: TTEC
Cost: Gleeds Hooloomann Consulting (India) Pvt. Ltd.

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